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24 Jan

About this Campaign

Your gift will help the Sheridan community continue a special two-part tradition:

Sheridan Spirit Week -- During this week we celebrate all that ways our students have grown throughout the school year. We then move into learning about the educational journey that is ahead of them. Focusing on aspects of middle school, high school, college and careers. Students will understand that by graduating from high school they will have more opportunities for success in either college or in the work force. They will write goals that will help them achieve the accomplishment of graduating from high school.

Senior Shark Celebration -- We invite former Sheridan students who are in the current LPS graduating class to come back to Sheridan. This is a chance for the current Sheridan students and staff to honor our graduating Senior Sharks. It is also a wonderful opportunity to impress the importance of graduating from high school and that this goal is achievable for our current Sheridan students. Our Senior Sharks are amazing role models to look up to. All grade levels have a part in this celebration -- including our fifth grade orchestra.
Your gifts will help defray the expense of materials for our Spirit Week activities and Senior Shark Celebration. Requesting $500 plus cost reimbursement.