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4 Jun

About this Campaign

Hello, and welcome to our campaign!

The Lincoln Southeast band program is seeking funds to purchase a five-octave marimba.

The number of percussion students at LSE gravely outnumbers the number of instruments we have to offer them. Large percussion instruments are also unique in that students do not own them, nor can they take them home. We have many motivated percussion students that are at a distinct disadvantage in comparison to the average instrumentalist. The only practice time these students are allowed on percussion instruments is during the school day either before or after school with teacher supervision. It is because of this that we must provide enough equipment for our students to be able to practice.

This instrument would open many doors for our students including:

  • Increased student engagement/more participation in class
  • Accessibility to music/curriculum that would not otherwise be possible to perform with our current instrumentation
  • Opportunities for more students to practice and develop their musicianship in the limited time frame of school hours only
  • Leveling the playing field for honor bands, music majors, and other competitive auditions our students might experience
  • Possible use in future all-city groups

We believe that students should have the resources necessary to pursue their passions and it is our continuous goal to make this into a reality. Requesting $8000 plus cost reimbursement.

Thank you for considering a donation to our cause!