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About this Campaign

We strive daily to make our classrooms welcoming and accessible in every way to all of our unique learners, but in one big can make it better.

Imagine coming to school everyday and dealing with anxiety, migraines, and eye strain . This happens daily due to overexposure to the florescent lights in our classrooms.

  • In particular, children on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, SPD, and developmental delays are negatively affected by the harsh, continuous flickering of florescent bulbs. 
  • A 2002 study by the Heschong Mahone Group for the California Energy Commission found that the amount of natural light from windows and skylights has a measurable positive impact on student work and behavior.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. I would like to place covers over the florescent light panels in several classrooms at Carson Middle School. This would considerably minimize the negative effects of the harsh florescent lights, and allow all students to thrive in our classrooms. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.