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About this Campaign

I would like to purchase the Wordly Wise Program  to use with students. Currently, other gifted teachers in the district are using the program, but at a charge to each student for their book. I would like to provide this program to my students at no cost. 

Wordly Wise 3000® provides direct academic vocabulary instruction that develops the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension. Direct instruction of important, useful, or difficult words for each grade level helps students successfully comprehend content-area texts and improve test results.

Books 2-12 incorporate the use of context clues, word study (Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes, and synonyms and antonyms), reading comprehension, and writing.

The words chosen for Wordly Wise 3000® were selected to expand critical grade-level vocabulary and improve reading comprehension. The words are mainly Tier 2 words—high-utility, academic vocabulary—with a healthy smattering of Tier 3 words—domain-specific academic vocabulary.

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Matthew Andres $100
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