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13 Dec

About this Campaign

A school play production is a uniquely collaborative and community building event. It will bring students from all grade levels together to create the show, with many opportunities for staff and family involvement. A play is an ideal opportunity for students to live our core values outside of the classroom - to do intensive collaboration, create a work of art and present their hard work to the community.

Our production will involve students and faculty in our makerspace and engineering programs working with our production team to design and create sets and props. Our costumes, publicity posters and programs will also be designed and created by students taking Theater as a senior elective. Students from every grade level will be involved behind the scenes as assistant directors, stage managers, stage crew, make-up artists, and choreographers. Finally, our students to this point have not yet had many opportunities to participate in the performing arts. We have a very talented student body and this musical will allow them to express themselves as singers, actors and dancers. Over 40 enthusiastic students signed up to participate in the musical at the beginning of the school year in our general interest meeting.

With your support, we will be performing High School Musical because of the high level of student interest in this show. This fun and high-energy show has a message of following one’s passions despite social pressures, which speaks to many of our students here at SLA@Beeber!