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3 Sep

About this Campaign

The William H. Loesche Elementary School is applying for this grant because of our dedication to early literacy development. We are working to ensure that all students in grades K-3 are reading on grade level. Currently, only 58.5% of our K-2 students are reading on target. In order to work towards closing this achievement gap, we implement a balanced literacy program that works to strategically meet the needs of all readers. Guided reading, an instructional time where small,homogenous, groups of readers work towards building their independent and instructional reading levels, occurs every day. With early readers, however, books on lower levels are used up quite quickly, which makes it more difficult to meet readers on their level during Guided Reading instruction if they are being exposed to the same books. Our goal is to build robust leveled libraries so that students in early reading levels have continuous access to new books on their independent and instructional reading levels. This will enable them to interact with more books on their instructional levels so that Guided Reading instruction can provide students with more strategies to become independent readers that meet the goals of their grade-level. Currently, we have about a 30% population that identifies as ESL learners. We have incorporated the practices of the Together is Better Co-Teaching grant in order to ensure that all of our readers’ needs are met every single day within the practices of balanced literacy. The Together is Better Co-Teaching model has also enabled classrooms across our school to meet the needs of more readers every day, ensuring that at least 80% of entire classrooms receive Guided Reading instruction every day in order to strengthen students’ independent progress in reading. In order to continue this practice, our teachers and students need more access to lower-level books so that they can have exposure to both the texts they need to practice the implementation of reading strategies and the context within texts to strengthen their background knowledge. These exposures will enable students to have stronger abilities to not only engage with and comprehend new, more rigorous texts on their own, but will develop their abilities to make connections and implementations of their reading to real life.