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21 Mar

About this Campaign

By fueling imagination and creativity, the performing arts enhance students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and keeps them engaged with the larger school community, increasing their chances of academic success. Knowing this, we have committed to rebuilding and expanding our financially distressed performing arts program over the past two years, however, our historic, 102-year-old auditorium is in desperate need of a sound system upgrade. Our band, choir, and musical theater programs are filled with students eager to share their gifts and our dedicated and inspiring teachers have already planned several major performances for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, without a new system, the prohibitively high cost of repeated sound equipment rentals may cause us to limit performances, effectively silencing our students. Funds raised through this campaign would be put towards modernizing our auditorium’s sound system so that it can become a cultural center for our community, benefiting not only our performing arts students, but all those who are touched by the performances and events that we will host here.