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29 Mar

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Harrington Elementary is a K - 8 school located in Southwest Philadelphia, servicing 466 students and their families. Like most Philadelphia public schools, our students are required to wear a uniform (khaki bottoms, burgundy tops). For too many of our students, it is a struggle to come to school daily in uniform. For some of them, the reason boils down to not having enough shirts or pairs of pants. As you can imagine, this issue has a negative effect on attendance, and students who are not present to receive instruction often fall behind academically. We believe that supplying students with uniforms will meet a need that will ultimately support the academic advancement of our students. Ideally, we would like to be able to purchase at least one pair of uniform pants and one uniform shirt for each student. Any support or contribution to the cost of this uniform drive would be greatly appreciated by our staff and students. 

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