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9 Apr

About this Campaign

As our kindergarten students enter our doors, most have never left their parents before.  They enter the public school system with very little life skills.  The chair pockets will provide students with a space for their independent work and tools. This will allow my students to gain a feeling of ownership within the classroom. Having a space that students know where their personal materials are, will allow for quicker transitions, and more student learning time.

Currently I have 24 kindergarten students in my classroom.  However, the numbers fluctuate all the time. I would use this grant to order 38 chair pockets to allow for students moving in, and use them as a way to organize small reading groups with our EA. We would then set them up on each of the students chairs and have the students take part in setting up their books and materials in their own seat pocket. They will store their reading bags and math notebooks that are differentiated for each student and their own individual goals, in their pockets.

Assessment would come as I observed the efficiency and organization of my students.  Instead of taking time to pass out books and materials, my students would be responsible to gather and get their own reading and writing materials. I would also, hold students accountable for keeping their chair pocket neat and organized by having check in’s to make sure their materials are put away correctly.

My goal is to get my students to become independent learners.  As I prepare our youngest learners for the expectations and skills for first grade, I know that this will benefit them.  Teaching students to have pride and ownership of their own materials is also my goal. Even at 5 and 6 years old, my students are capable of taking charge of their own learning. That is a lifeskill that we should be excited to see. I have not found any research that does not suggest that kids benefit from learning the skills of organization.

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Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation $521
Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation $521