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18 Apr

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Studies have shown that non-permanent surfaces enhance the engagement of groups working out problems. (wipebook.com) Our new science standards focus on skills in presenting data, critiquing other's views, and arguing claims. These skills need to be directly embedded in our classrooms as often as possible to help students develop and master these skills before graduation. As a department, we have been involved in professional learning communities to Increasing Student Collaboration, Dialogue, and Engagement and Integrating Instructional Technology in the Classroom. We are asking for wipe boards and markers for our classrooms. Wipe boards are reusable white boards that are larger than traditional white boards, lighter and more portable. The markers need to be whiteboard markers so that the boards can be reused and cleaned easily. We’d like to be able to use the wipe boards as a strategy to increase collaboration and engagement. Some of the activities we are excited to incorporate are concept mapping, presenting and defending data, data analysis, brainstorming, and poster walks. Costs 9: (one set per science teacher) sets of 10 wipe boards Cost: $59.99 each Total: $539.91 9: (one set per science teacher) sets of 36 expo markers Cost: 23.40 each Total: 210.60 Total cost for 1600+ students having access to engaging curriculum focusing on student collaboration, data analysis and presentation is $750.51 Thank you for considering this investment to enhance student engagement.

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Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation $797
Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation $797