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18 Nov

About this Campaign

The Malcolm Jenkins Academy for Peace and Social Justice at Parkway Northwest High School will provide sustainable long-term opportunities for students in the School District of Philadelphia to fight racial injustice and systemic racism. The Academy for Peace and Social Justice honors the social justice work of Malcolm Jenkins built on the platform of the city of Philadelphia.  The Academy's mission will be to develop student leaders around the notion that the fight for justice leads to communities at peace. This academy will redefine the role of activism in schools as it will be built to support and follow the interests, passions, and issues of its students without fear of reprisal.

For over 10 years, Parkway Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice has built a school-level platform for developing student leaders for peace and social justice. We are a special admit high school of just under 300 students in the School District of Philadelphia that utilizes our curricular resources, student activities, and a calendar of school events to discuss, understand, and act on social justice issues in our community. We seek to show that education is part of the scope of racist systems in our country, and there is an important need to be transparent about this with students. This proposal represents our desire to strengthen this platform for social justice leadership internally and to expand this focus to benefit more students and the larger community within the district, within the city, and nationally.

The goal is to raise $100,000 over a three year period to sustain the work of the Malcolm Jenkins Academy for Peace and Social Justice through individual donations.  Your contribution will be part of a larger fundraising campaign alongside community donors, and civic support.  This campaign will match the $100,000 committed to sustaining the Malcolm Jenkins Academy for Peace and Social Justice by the Carles Foundation, a family foundation that has been a sustaining friend to the Parkway Northwest family for years. 

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