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16 May

About this Campaign

Built in 1889, Francis Scott Key School is the oldest continuously operating school building in the School District of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, it is also one of the few schools in the district that is not yet modernized. Although we have many strengths at Key School, we are lacking in the technology that is afforded to many other schools in our school district. We are located in the heart of diverse South Philadelphia and our student population includes over 55% English Language Learners (ELLs). Our unique student body, with over 20 different languages spoken within the walls of our school, requires us to always bring new and innovative ways of teaching into the classroom.

The majority of our teachers are left to use outdated projectors meaning that not enough of our students are truly interacting with technology in a collaborative and cooperative learning environment. The lack of available technology can be a barrier for our teachers in providing the most appropriate academic experience for all of our learners. Adapting our curriculum to be ideal for English Language Learners means utilizing different means of learning to truly allow for student engagement. Using technology in the classroom can aid in students’ kinesthetic learning, which allows children to get up and move around productively within the learning environment.

We would like this project to benefit upper grade STEM curriculum and promote innovative learning through technology in the classroom and beyond. We hope that the use of Smart Panels in the classroom will allow our teachers to better differentiate instruction for all the diverse learners in their classrooms, giving them more time to reach students on an individual basis to provide a rich, inclusive learning experience.