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22 May

About this Campaign

The ukulele, a member of the guitar family, originated in the nineteenth century as a Hawaiian adaptation of a similar stringed instrument from Portugal.  In recent years, the popularity of the ukulele in school music programs across the country has soared to new heights, joining the soprano recorder as one of the most frequently taught instruments in the general music classroom.  The benefits of learning ukulele are vast:

  • Size: Smaller than traditional acoustic or classical guitars, the ukulele is ideal for the small hands of elementary age children, and within the first few minutes of holding the instruments, students can begin playing one or two chord songs.
  • Portability: The ukulele is smaller than traditional guitars, and racks specifically designed for ukulele storage can hold a full classroom set, while taking very little floor space in a classroom setting.
  • Solo & Ensemble Playing: The ukulele is ideal as a solo and ensemble instrument.  Students can not only accompany themselves, but work with others to create ensembles.
  • Relative Ease of Playing:  While any instrument takes practice and work to master, a student can learn one or two chords in the first session and begin playing countless number of songs.  This almost-immediate gratification encourages students to continue working and building skills.
  • One Tool, Many Concepts:  Ukuleles can be utilized to teach multiple musical concepts like pitch, harmony, rhythm, expression, and ensemble skills.  
  • It's fun!

It is my hope to acquire a full classroom set of Westwood Soprano Ukuleles, an A&S Crafted Band Room Soprano Ukulele Rack, and assorted Ukulele materials to incorporate into the General Music curriculum, as well as potential after school clubs/activities for interested students. at Franklin Elementary.