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Ends Friday, July 31st, 2020 at 5:00 PM

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15 Jul

About this Campaign

We are moving into a technology global society. With this in mind, we must strive to keep our students relevant and up to date with technology. With traditional paper textbooks, many students are reluctant to make notes or highlight passages for fear of ruining the book. If you make a note, then change your mind, those scribblings can become a real clutter. E-readers offer the capability of highlighting text and making notes without worrying about permanently vandalizing the e-book.

It is our goal to outfit our school with E-readers to substitute for books and textbooks. With E-readers, students will have access to more books and periodicals. Your support will help our students greatly increase their love for reading because it will be technology based. 

Donation History

Tobias Harris $4,050
Tobias Harris $4,050