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26 Aug

About this Campaign

At Ellwood, one of our priorities is to create a very welcoming and positive environment for our scholars and families throughout the entire building both inside and out. We believe that scholars are very perceptive to their surroundings and see the environment in which they are learning as an indication of how much we value and believe in them. As a result, we work hard to ensure that our hallways, classrooms, and public areas are filled with positive messages, displays of what our scholars are achieving and also to inform our families of any upcoming events. In order to assist us with that, we would appreciated your donations to help us get a combination laminator and color poster maker. This tool will help us to both create and preserve items to be hung in our hallways. All teachers in our Pre-K to 5 school would have the opportunity to utilize the poster printer, making it an extremely valuable tool to have in our building.