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About this Campaign

Will you help sponsor a flight?

Penrose Aviation offers students the opportunity to engage in a STEM-based Aviation class, with a focus on experiential learning, covering the building of light-weight aircraft and Discovery Flight Instruction. The course will cover the history of flight, the science and math skills that make fight possible, and the technology required for modern day avionics and aircraft construction. Students will participate in Saturday visits to the Advance/Wings, Blue Bell Airport, where they will help build a fixed wing aircraft for future flight and ride a Red-Bird Flight Simulator programmed for every airport in the United States. Two students per Saturday, with parental permission, and successful completion of the Red Bird Program, will fly in an FAA approved trainer aircraft, with a Certified Pilot, for a Discovery Flight! The program is designed to offer students the chance to explore all that Aviation has to offer, from piloting to design, so students can discover that a career in Aviation and Aeronautics, is within their reach!

Discovery flights consist of the following:

Students will spend a full hour with a certified flight instructor at Wings
Field, Blue Bell, PA under flyGATEWAY Aviation Institute. Students will
have a basic brief and learn about the pre-flight safety inspection of the
aircraft. The students will then be briefed on the 30 minute flight that
they will take in the aircraft. Once in the aircraft, students will assist
the instructor with the takeoff and then take the controls to perform basic
turns and altitude holds. They will also fly the aircraft back to the airport and assist the flight instructor through the landing phase of flight. After shutdown, the students will have the opportunity to ask questions and
debrief about the flight and what they learned.

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Tobias Harris $3,135
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