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Ended Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 6:46 PM

Total Donation Goal $3,500 $3,500.00 Funded

This campaign has ended and has been fully funded. If you made a donation, thank you.

9 Sep

About this Campaign

Play is the most valuable way that children learn. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. Wright school has invested in providing equipment and games for both physical education class/ indoor recess and outdoor recess. Wright school has had Playworks in our building for 4 years and our community has amassed a collection of games and activities for students to engage in, but it's time to replace the equipment.

Our goal is to create a recess set  for each grade for recess and for gym- parachutes, balls, nets, cones,  lawn board games, and totes to carry it all in! 

Help us stay in the game!

Donation History

Dress Down Day $3,500
Dress Down Day $3,500