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At H.A. Brown we offer Art and Music to all students, Kindergarten through eighth grade. We also include Art Enrichment clubs for students in Grade 3-8 to develop their natural artistic talents. Every year our students put on an annual community Art Show with their talented creations. Our students would love the opportunity to take their creations to the next level with a 3-D Printer and all of the materials needed to make their creations. They would love to get a MakerBot package system. Please support creativity and the Arts.

MakerBot is created for district-wide STEAM and career-readiness programs, community outreach or business initiatives, and large groups, the School Bundle from MakerBot is well suited for use by schools and districts who want to dedicate an entire space to 3D printing. This bundle comes with items necessary to run the printers for a full school year.
The School Bundle includes ten MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printers, ten 3-year MakerCare protection plans for the MakerBot+, twelve 10-packs of 1.75mm PLA filament, six Smart Extruder+ units for the MakerBot Replicator+, two MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D printers, two Smart Extruder+ units for the Replicator Z18, two MakerBot Carts for the Replicator Z18, two 1-year MakerCare preferred protection plans for the Replicator Z18, twelve enrollments for MakerBot's online certification program, and one MakerBot Educators Guidebook.
MakerBot School Bundle with 3-Year MakerCare Protection Plan.