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About this Campaign

My name is Janelle Engle and I am a Special Education Resource teacher at Edison Middle School. Our 7th grade Special Education resource classroom is in need of sensory items and math manipulatives! We have many students who struggle to complete grade level appropriate activities due to sensory or emotional needs. The following list contains items that would help our students tremendously.

  • SENSORY FIDGETS-Often times, students seek out teachers and ask for items to hold or use in order to meet a sensory need. One popular item students like to use is a "squishy" fidget that they can hold in their hand and squeeze. These fidgets help our students regulate so they can be an active participant and listener in our classroom.
  • FLEXIBLE SEATING- Some flexible seating options that students enjoy using for sensory needs are wobble chairs and kick bands. These options allow our students to stay seated at their desks while continuing to release energy and improve focus. 
  • MICE FOR COMPUTERS- When students are typing papers, they often struggle to use the small mousepad on the Chromebook and ask to use a mouse instead.
  • HEADPHONES WITH ATTACHED MICROPHONES-We have several students who use the "speech to text" option on the Chromebooks to write their papers with their voice instead of the keyboard. Our students are struggling with writing their papers when other students are also using speech-to-text, because the Chromebooks pick up other voices and sounds in the classroom. Headphones with personal microphones will eliminate the need to space students far away and allow them to write their papers at their desks.
  • MATH GAMES- Students in the Direct Instruction Math class can grow their math skills while playing math games. Games such as Shut the Box, Even Steven's Off, and Proof! are all games that use math operational skills. These games allow students to grow their skills in a fun and engaging way! 

Please help our classroom grow into the perfect learning environment!  

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Anonymous $443
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