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Ended Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 at 8:12 PM

Total Donation Goal $33,670 $34,420.04 Funded

This campaign has ended and has been fully funded. If you made a donation, thank you.

13 Dec

About this Campaign

Stephen Girard Elementary is a K-4 school in the West Passyunk section of South Philadelphia. Our school is racially and ethnically diverse and serves approximately 400 students. We have a pressing need to modernize our current library which does not meet the needs of our students. The shortcomings include:

  • A lack of comfortable reading areas
  • A collection with many outdated or culturally insensitive books
  • A lack of high interest texts
  • Signing out books by hand and tracking materials with paper and pencil

With your support we can give our students the library they deserve. Imagine a kindergarten student checking out picture books to read on the weekend. Picture a group of 2nd grade students enjoying story time while sitting on adjustable seating on a beautifully designed carpet. Imagine a 3rd grade student having the opportunity to choose a book with subject matter that the child can relate to and that is culturally relevant. Envision an entire class of 4th grade students excited about sharing their love of reading with younger students, and entering middle school as avid and proficient readers.

Your donation can bring these outcomes to fruition for our students. Our vision for our library makeover includes:

  • Flexible seating for students with added child sized tables and chairs
  • A comfortable reading nook for students to lounge and read
  • Carpeting or rugs that add color and brightness and make the space welcoming
  • A diverse collection of books where students see positive representations of themselves and others which align with our anti-racism work 
  • A computer and software for cataloging and checking out books which will add speed and efficiency to students' library experience and create time for more children to make use of the space

In school, children need a variety of materials that present positive images of children and adults who look like them, especially materials that are also written and illustrated by people of color. When a child reads a book in which she sees herself mirrored as the main character, along with her family and community members, she can begin to feel that reading is for her. Such affirmation of herself and the everyday heroes in her life can be a powerful force.

Please consider a gift towards our library. No amount is too small or too large, and the result change the lives of our students for years to come. 

Donation History

Anonymous $33,670
Lil Dicky Dollar Party $500
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Anonymous $33,670
Lil Dicky Dollar Party $500
Anonymous $250