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About this Campaign

Approximately 127 fourth and fifth graders who are studying U.S. History will have the opportunity to see the play, "We the People" in Bellevue, WA.  We will utilize district buses to keep costs down and families will still contribute about $10 per student for the field trip.  Our goal with this fundraiser is to provide this wonderful opportunity for students but decrease the cost for families as  fifth graders have a lot of end of the year expenses with camp and other culminating activities.  This is a unique opportunity for all the students but especially for students whose families don't have the time or resources to take advantage of cultural events in the community.  This would be an engaging and memorable event which reinforces what students have been learning about American history in their classrooms.   

A little information on the play and how it pertains to our students...

"We the People is a musical revue that brings American Civics lessons to life and promises to make Social Studies exciting and accessible. Students will have a blast learning about the three branches of government, the First Amendment, presidential elections, democracy, the judicial process, and more. Barreling through a variety of musical styles relevant to today's youth, including rock, rhythm-and-blues, and hip-hop, We the People instills American pride in audiences of all ages –– and perhaps even inspire them to get involved and make a difference. " 

As you can see this is an exciting and fun way to learn about American history for our students and hitting on standards for these grades. 

Extra information on the play itself and what students will expect...

The Story
We’re in the school auditorium. Suddenly, with cymbals and drum-roll, appear the “Founding Fathers” – George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin – looking like the funkiest rock band ever, wigs and all. They introduce our reluctant heroine, Dawn Shapiro, who is running for Student Council President. She’s having a tough time getting her act together. Her speech is supposed to answer the question “What Does My Government Mean to Me?,” but Dawn is in panic mode: she feels that the local Mall has more meaning for her than her government. What to do? When the Founding Fathers ask Dawn why she wants to be Student Council President, her answer disappoints them; she wants it for her future college applications, so she can get into a really good school! But the FFs don’t give up. Using song, dance, role playing, a wrestling match, and their own persuasive passion, they teach Dawn – and us – what she needs to understand her government: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the branches of government, the Congress, how a bill becomes a law, the Supreme Court, the system of checks and balances, and – yes! – even the Electoral College!! Gradually, it dawns on Dawn that this is indeed an amazing government created by these great men. However, now she feels that she’s not good enough to be Council President! But they won’t let her give up on herself. Hasn’t she ever helped her school or her community? Has she done enough? What can a kid do for a government anyway? This funny, crazily sane and hip musical will give you answers – and teach, too!