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About this Campaign

Hello- My name is Cindy May and I have been teaching in district 200 for 23 years.  I am early childhood certified and enjoy teaching the little ones!  Although curriculum has changed over the years, I have preserved the role of play in the classroom.  I am proud to say that my all day Kindergarten classroom has a built in choice time 4 days a week for approximately 20 minutes.  This is a great and needed time for kids to play with one another, have purposeful activities and authentic dialogue that fosters problem solving and communication skills as well as creativity.  I want to increase the opportunities for SEL, cognitive development, fine and gross motor development during this time period.  I hope to rotate new activities every three to four weeks so that all students have a chance to participate.  These new activities would include the following:

1)  2 painting easels which can develop eye/hand coordination, a way to express feelings or emotions, fine and gross motor control as well as expressing creativity

2)  a sand/water table- which can promote language development and social interaction, math and science concepts, and developing motor skills

3)  puppets-(related to familiar literature) may lead to more confidence in speaking and reading, encourages turn taking skills and retelling stories with a sequential order

Please consider donating to my campaign!

Thank you- Cindy May