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27 Jan

About this Campaign

Having a SMART Board in our Bright Futures Pre-K classroom would be a great tool for our students. We will be able to conduct an interactive circle time. We will be able to have students practice writing letters, numbers, shapes, and their names. A SMART Board will also help our students share their ideas with their classmates by drawing pictures and sounding out words. Our students will be able to use the SMART Board for our calendar and to graph the daily weather. A read aloud book can be displayed so that all students can see. Students will also be able to use the manipulatives on the SMART Board to work on basic math skills. With the use of the SMART Board we will be able to research different topics that our students are interested in. We will also be able to extend our curriculum content through the use of search engines to find out more about a topic.
One of the pieces of our curriculum is Letters Alive. This is a phonics program where the letters come to life as animal holograms. If we had a SMART Board, it would be easier for the students to interact with the lesson and manipulate the letters cards to create sentences.
Children now a days are being introduced to technology at a younger age not only at home, but also at school. We would like to have our students have the opportunity to stay modernized.