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21 Jan

About this Campaign

Hello, my name is Kerry Romberg and I am a reading specialist at Emerson School.  Summer slide refers to the tendency for students, especially those from low-SES families, to lose some of the
academic gains they made during the previous school year over the summer months.  Children in low-SES households fall behind an average of 2 months in reading during the summer, and this loss is cumulative.

In an effort to address summer slide at Emerson, we have created a summer lending library that has been run by teacher volunteers for the last five years.  This has proven to be a very successful way to get books into our students' hands over the summer. However, we have found that many of our low-SES students are unable to visit the summer library with any regularity.  

In the past, our school district, with the help of grant funds, was able to provide books to at-risk students  (low-SES, English Language Learners, and students who received reading intervention support).  These were books that the students could keep to build their at-home libraries. Emerson's mobility rate continues to increase, which is an indicator of being at-risk. I am asking for $888 ($12/student based on our current low-SES population) to purchase 5-7 books for each of these students.  They would receive the books at the end of the school year and take them home to keep and read.  Our plan would be to reassess these students in the fall to see if they were able to maintain their reading skills over the summer. 

Thank you for helping us keep our students reading over the summer with new, high-interest books!