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23 Jan

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Hi, I’m Ms. Leon. I am in my third year of teaching 1st Grade at Overbrook Educational Center (OEC). OEC is a K-8 public school in West Philadelphia that specializes in teaching students with visual impairments.

I’ve been directing OEC’s Drama Club, currently in it’s 5th year, since I first joined the staff in 2016. Drama Club was a HUGE part of my life growing up-I grew up on the stage and it's a place where I honed my work ethic, discovered my creativity, and tapped into my confidence. I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to share these things with our student performers and empower them to find and express themselves through the arts.
Each year, OEC’s Drama Club chooses shows that celebrate our cast’s beautiful diversity and showcase their many talents. This spring we are putting on Aladdin, giving the West Philadelphia community the opportunity to come see our 4th-8th graders bring this classic story to life on stage!

There’s no holding back when it comes to OEC performances. Our shows involve creative costumes, handmade sets, a stage crew, support from OEC alumni, and a crew of 1st through 3rd grade dancers that joins the cast for a few songs, preparing them to step into the spotlight in future years.

In preparation for a spring production, auditions for our actors are held in November and after-school rehearsals occur as often as 3 days a week leading up to the show. In mid-May our actors put on an impressive four shows in just three days. Most of our performances are sold-out, filled with supportive crowds of family, friends, and community members.

For the first time EVER-we are hoping to take our Drama Club members to NYC to see Aladdin on Broadway! Not only would it be so helpful for our student actors to see a professional version of their own show, but for many it would be their first Broadway production and first time in New York City! This year, students are already hard at work singing, dancing, learning blocking and improv, and memorizing lines.

If this dream trip becomes a reality-our cast will also be writing letters to the Broadway cast requesting a Talk Back from their cast and crew. This way our students can meet professional actors, learn about the ins and outs of a production, and hopefully be inspired not only for performance greatness, but a future of pursuing their passion in the arts.

We have been hard at work saving and fundraising to provide our students with this magical experience. We are seeking funding for the costs of tickets and transportation. We will need to take a charter bus, since school district busses no longer travel to NYC. If we are fortunate enough to receive your support, the money would go directly to the cost of the bus that would take us to and from the show, allowing 31 students to see their first ever musical on Broadway!