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4 May

About this Campaign

Help Custer County Schools make quality music!
Custer County’s current school piano is a Baldwin spinet. Spinet pianos are the smallest model of piano, have a lesser quality action (the way the hammers and strings work inside the piano) than other pianos, and have always been cheaply made. Because of their size and low quality design, spinets have a tinny sound and easily go out of tune. In addition to these lesser features, Custer County’s particular spinet has a crack in the sound board, wobbles around on its makeshift dolly, and it has been recommended by the school’s piano tuner to not even try to refurbish or rehome the piano, but destroy it due to its age and low quality. Such a piano is not helpful in an education setting, because an instrument that is consistently out of tune is not conducive to teaching young musicians to perform in tune!

What do we need?
The addition of the Yamaha U1 48” Professional Collection Acoustic Upright piano to Custer County School’s music program would change the way its students make music! This piano has been recommended by many of CCSD’s Vocal Music Director’s colleagues. Classic Pianos in Denver, CO is a vendor of the Yamaha U1. The website for the Alamo Music Center in Texas says, “Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, Yamaha U1 upright pianos are made in Japan and feature outstanding tone, touch and durability. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.”

The Custer County School Music Department strives to teach its students how to be independent, intelligent, and exceptional musicians. It desires to prepare students to be competent performers in the world outside of the small town of Westcliffe. The department needs an instrument that matches those standards. Please see the video below for demonstrations of this particular piano.

Yamaha U1 48” Professional Collection Acoustic Upright

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Mike Kuhl $10
Mike Kuhl $10