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I want to turn one of my classrooms into a mindfulness room. I will use this space for teachers/prep teacher (mindfulness) to lead calming practices for students. I have already budgeted for a mindfulness coach for the 20-21 school year. Our students come from very traumatic backgrounds and they oftentimes lash out with peers and staff because they lack the tools to self-regulate. Meditation and yoga practice would be part of this program. This room can also be used as a de-escalation room by the Dean as well as the school counselor of the building. My vision would be a calming space that includes: curtains, battery powered candles, yoga mats, bean bags,  bluetooth speaker to play calming music and a spotify account to stream the music. Our students need another outlet within the school buildings. This will be one of our interventions before discipline within the building. I truly believe that this program and mindfulness room will change the culture of our building and assist children with de-escalating and finding other ways to deal with their trauma/behavior. 

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Klea Armstrong $50
Klea Armstrong $50