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20 Aug

About this Campaign

Kennedy Crossan is a small K-5 school in need of a complete furniture overhaul.  A small school with school data that stands out from most schools, the school does not receive the money needed to upgrade our school environment from year-to-year.  Out furniture is old, out dated, and not conducive to our small school and small classroom nature.  Having more tables and less desks can make the classroom feel more fluid and less cramped; especially with the older grades 3-5 students.   

We are seeking to purchase furniture that is more free moving and easy to manipulate as it relates to how students are grouped, yet the furniture allows for collaboration when needed.  We are looking to purchase chairs that are flexible in nature provide our students with the option to move while seated to alleviate any anxiety.  

We have 16 classrooms in total and every classroom is in need of overhaul which includes:

Collaborative tables and chairs

Flexible Seats

Teacher Desks and chairs

I thank you for your time and consideration to our project. 

My Sincerest Regards,

Dr. Bright, Principal