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23 Aug

About this Campaign

At Chester A Arthur we offer our students an integrated curriculum that brings together the various disciplines through project-based learning opportunities.  It is essential that our students all have calculators. 

Our Lower Academy students are developing understandings of number, ways of representing numbers, and number relationships.  Access to calculators as learning tool will increase their capacity to investigate number ideas and expand their opportunities and possibilities to explore numbers and develop number sense.

Our Upper Academy students need advanced graphing calculators to show their proficiency in the Common Core Math standards by performing mathematical computations using a graphing calculator.  More importantly, students learn best through “multiple representations” and graphing calculators enable student to see an equation, the corresponding table of values, and a graphical representation of the equation in a matter of seconds.  Similarly, our Lower Academy students need access

Our children deserves the best education possible and access to calculators will ensure that they receive it!