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6 Nov

About this Campaign

Parkway Center City Middle College is the fist middle college in the School District of Philadelphia where students will graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Community College of Philadelphia. PCCMC mission is to serve and support first generation students in their journey to degree attainment from CCP and eventual degree attainment at a 4 year institution. PCCMC students take college courses throughout their high school years with full immersion during junior and senior year. In other words, junior and senior year, all instructional courses are at CCP and taught by college professors. Two of the keys to our students success are the close connections and support from administration, faculty and students from the high school without compromising the integrity of the college experience.  To continue to enhance their college experience, we are in the process of converting two classrooms into student activity centers where students will be able to gather, study and collaborate.  Will you help us reach our goals to purchase suitable furnitures that would support an environment that supports collegial learning as a start?