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12 Nov

About this Campaign

    Park Hill South Robotics, the Electromagnetic Panthers (Team EMP), is part of the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC). This is a unique extracurricular activity that gives students hands-on experience in many fields including engineering, programming, electronics, marketing, business, and graphic design. Every year, we are given the task to design, prototype, build and test a robot in a short time frame. Then we compete in regional competitions where our members learn to use gracious professionalism with others. Our belief is that members of Team EMP can take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it to real-life skills in a tangible way.

    Due to COVID-19 in the spring, our 2020 season was cut short and we were not able to participate in any competitions. However, we have had success in the last few years - we have captained alliances in the playoff rounds, we have had 2 students win individual awards at competitions, we made the state in 2019, and qualified for the World Championships in 2019 by winning the Heartland Regional. None of this would have been possible without the donations we received from our community.

    As we enter our 8th year as a team, we are committed to two major goals away from the competition field. Our primary objective is to maintain our status as an open membership team. We believe that anyone should be allowed to join and travel to regional competitions, regardless of socio-economic background, the success of which heavily relies on our gracious donors. Our other focus is to spread STEM awareness and excitement to the elementary and middle schools in our district and to our community. If we are able to mentor in the community this year (pending due to COVID restrictions), we will help start a First Lego League team (another branch of FIRST that introduces younger kids to robotics) at Walden Middle School and restart the team at Lakeview Middle School. In the past, we have introduced many STEM activities to Park Hill schools through a variety of programs - STEM nights, FLL activities, National Coding Week, as well as partnering with local scouting troops. At Park Hill South specifically, we have provided science activities to students in the special education department through our tutorial program. An event we hope will become a yearly tradition is our District Robot Reveal and STEM celebration, where all FIRST teams from around the district come together to show off the new robots and knowledge gained from the various FIRST programs.

    As previously stated, a core value of our team is that no student should lose the ability to participate because of financial obstacles. To make this possible, we run several fundraisers and partner with many local businesses. Due to spring cancellations, , we were able to save a portion of our funds from last year, but continue to strive to achieve our fundraising goals.. Our budget for this year includes the following: $10,000 for tools and parts (a new expensive system for our robot is coming out in the next few years), $10,000 for travel fees, $10,000 in registration fees, $6,000 for lodging (if we can travel), and $1,000 for promoting STEM. Qualifying for the World Championships again would increase the budget by $25,000 for registration, travel, and lodging in Houston, TX. The generous donations we received through the InvestNOW grant has allowed us to participate in multiple competitions, and the investment the Park Hill Community has shown to our program has helped us educate fellow students and community members on technological advances.

    We appreciate the continued support for Team EMP 5126, from our community and look forward to future opportunities to educate our community on robotics and the FIRST program.