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Ends Saturday, April 30th, 2022 at 5:00 PM

Total Donation Goal $5,611 $800.00 Funded

This campaign still needs $4,811.68 within 6 months!

17 Nov

About this Campaign

The faculty and staff of Kenderton School have been working hard to adapt curriculum to virtual learning platforms.

Students are expected to meet the “3Bs (Digital Learning Expectations),” which are:
• Be Respectful: being kind and respectful to everyone
• Be Responsible:  completing all assignments on time, participating during class lesson, logging on to computer on -time, staying logged on until class is over
• Be Peaceful: Use kind words and actions; be a problem solver

We are asking for your support in providing incentives to students who meet and/or exceed these expectations during these extraordinary times! Incentives include gift cards, pizza delivery, dinner for a parent, books, and more. Your donation will help encourage and celebrate the dedication of our students and families to continue their academic achievement through virtual learning.

Donation History

Kelli Wyatt $50
Kia Perry $50
Muwmina Muhammad $10
Sharon Brown $25
jennifer straka $50
Ms. Latimore $10
Renee' Kirby $25
Bridget Cassidy $10
Shantee Crump $50
Anonymous $25
A.P. Adams $50
Aneesah El-Amin-Jaamia $50
Beth Boggs $50
Deanna Winston $50
jennifer straka $50
Linda Van Wagenen $50
Lois Thomer $50
Shantee Crump $50
Kia Perry $50
Kelli Wyatt $50