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Ends Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Total Donation Goal $33,670 $2,065.00 Funded

This campaign still needs $31,605.04 within 1 month!

18 Nov

About this Campaign

The Children's Park at Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences was built in 1997.  It remains an asset to the Jenks' students as well as the Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy communities at large.  Extensive in scope, it has provided space and entertainment through the Tot Lot and the school playground.  Over the years, this much loved playground has started to show signs of decay.  While community groups and Jenks maintenance staff have patched the equipment, it is now time to replace many of the structures with safer, more durable materials. We are seeking funding to do just that.  This includes the replacement of all wooden ladders, slides, jungle gyms, bridges, forts, and swings.  Additionally, we seek funding to replace the existing mulch and all future need for mulch with a rubberized surface required to absorb the shock and injury that comes with student spills.  

Donation History

Daniel Baselice $50
Chris Linn $40
Mick Weeks $100
Dan Pereira & Lydia Terrill $50
Anonymous $25
Paul Perrymore $50
Cheryl Hilton $50
Moira Thompson $25
Anonymous $100
Laura Taylor $25
Susan Roberts $500
Micah Piotrowski $100
Darwin Foley $100
Jennifer Egmont $100
Mara Tucker $100
Anonymous $100
Mick Weeks $100
Janel Baselice $50
Haviva Goldman $50
Sharon Goldman $50