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Ends Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 at 2:40 AM

Total Donation Goal $6,521 $3,203.00 Funded

This campaign still needs $3,318.55 within 2 months!

29 Nov

About this Campaign

Smartboard technology allows students and teachers to interact dynamically in the classroom, and it can promote an interest in technology and science-related studies. This technology helps classroom learning become more fun and engaging for students. Through community partnerships and strategic planning, Kirkbride School is fortunate to have Smartboard technology in most of its 4-8 classrooms. Currently, however, the 4th grade STEM classroom does not have Smartboard technology. This campaign will help bring 21st century technology into the 4th grade classroom, which will help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for a future in STEM.

Donation History

Gary Young $250
Tildie's Toy Box $140
Joseph Krantz $50
Anne Slivjak $25
Richard and Barbara O'Keefe $100
Joan Taylor $100
Jen Levine $100
Jay Halbreiner $50
Kregg Laundon $100
Anonymous $600
Anonymous $250
Gary Young $250
Anonymous $250
Tildie's Toy Box $140
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $100
Christopher Taylor $100
Claudia and Joe Taylor $100
Ryley O’Keefe $100