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Ended Monday, February 22nd, 2021 at 9:13 PM

Total Donation Goal $1,118 $1,118.10 Funded

This campaign has ended and has been fully funded. If you made a donation, thank you.

31 Jan

About this Campaign

Head Start a​nd ECEAP (Early Childhood Education & Assistance) are early learning programs that serve children from low-income families or who have developmental or environmental risk factors that could interfere with school success.

These families often face the additional challenge of lack of materials to provide engaging learning activities for their children at home.

Our primary goal is to partner with families in understanding how to support their child's creativity and critical thinking through hand-on activities. This request will provide education to families about how to guide their children in creative use of materials already found in their homes, as well as provide supplemental materials to enhance each child's innovative creations. There will be a focus on STEAM activities including 2D and 3D art, sensory projects, building projects, science experiments and creative expression.

Thanks for your support in helping our youngest learners be successful.

26 Feb

Update - Feb 26th, 2021 at 10:18PM

THANK YOU! For supporting this product! The Foundation wants to give you an update about how this campaign went:

$10,326 Contributed to Directly Fund Northshore School District Classroom Projects and Teacher Supply Needs
67 donors responded during a three-week Northshore Schools Foundation campaign
Bothell, Wash. (February 26, 2021) – How do you keep inspiring students and actively engage student learning during a pandemic? Northshore School District teachers and staff have been figuring that out in real-time. And for the first three weeks of February, the community helped support them by funding specific projects and wish lists.

Donors really showed NSD educators some love during these difficult days. More than $6108 was raised from 67 community donors during this short time period. The Northshore Schools Foundation granted $ 4218 to fill in the gaps left by donors to make the additional projects a reality.
Projects were featured on Northshore Gives, a special platform available to Northshore School District teachers and staff who want to request support for specific needs.

These projects were fully funded by community donors:
Book Bags for First Grade Students (Canyon Creek Elementary)
Arts & Crafts, STEAM, and Hobby Books (Kokanee Elementary)
100th Day Kindergarten Project (Woodmoor Elementary)
Arts, Crafts, and Maker Books (Woodmoor Elementary)

These projects were funded with funds from the community and the Northshore Schools Foundation. Individualized phonics and language practice (Wellington Elementary)
Decodable Readers for Student Success (Woodmoor Elementary)
Fostering Future Innovators - Early Childhood (Head Start and ECEAP preschool) STEAM Learning
Revitalize our Nonfiction! (Northshore Middle School)
Bringing 5th Grade Camp to students virtually (Arrowhead Elementary)

“We love the Northshore Gives Platform because it allows donors to support projects that they care about directly, said Carmin Dalziel Executive Director of the Northshore Schools Foundation. “This combined funding model really stretches our dollars and allows us to impact more students and involve more Community members. It’s pretty exciting. “

NSD educators were also invited to share supply wish lists using Amazon. Anyone can purchase items for shipment directly to teachers. Lists will remain posted here through March 31 unless fully funded sooner.

Northshore Educators are invited to apply for funds using the Northshore Gives Platform or by writing a grant request any time between October 1 and May 1 each school year. For more information visit Request Support | Northshore Schools Foundation

28 Apr

Update - Apr 28th, 2021 at 3:58PM

Thank you for supporting our Head Start and ECEAP early learners in their exploration of art, science, math, engineering and creativity with the materials obtained through this Northshore School Foundations grant.  Basic art materials and discovery tools, that many of our families have limited access to, are being sent home along with education for families to help support their child's open-ended learning  and creativity at home. In addition to the glue, popsicle sticks, beads, feathers, pipe-cleaners, ruler, geometric shapes, etc that this grant provides, students are encouraged to use materials they already have access to, such as boxes and nature materials, to make  discovery, creativity, and learning an integral part of every day. We appreciate your generous support to make this possible for our youngest learners. 

Donation History

Northshore Schools Foundation $973
Hilary Horder $100
Susan Griner $25
Anonymous $20
Northshore Schools Foundation $973
Hilary Horder $100
Susan Griner $25
Anonymous $20