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About this Campaign

The Park Hill School District Department of Technology has identified an opportunity to directly help students in need in our district.

The digital divide, or the gap between those that can benefit from the digital age and those who cannot, is not something you just hear about on the news. It is happening right now in our district. There are students in our district that do not have the same learning opportunities as other students, due to insufficient access to high-speed internet. Much of our curriculum demands access to high-speed internet to complete assignments from home. It has been particularly critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we have many students that are completely virtual and have had several periods of whole-district distance learning – where all students learn from home. Now, more than ever, these students need our help.

Currently, the Department of Technology offers free wireless hotspots to students with low or no internet access at home. This has helped reduce the digital divide in our district but has not been able to meet all the needs of distance learning. These hotspots have data restrictions and rely on a cellular signal, like a smartphone. This is great for basic web browsing but can be a challenge for video conferencing and using some more data-heavy software/applications. In addition, we find many times this free hotspot is the only internet access an entire family may have. If multiple family members are using the hotspot, it can cause the data to be used too quickly. The district regularly identifies students who have reached their maximum data allowed by the hotspot before the usage period is up. In these situations, students are unable to effectively complete their schoolwork.

Luckily, there is a solution. In partnership with AT&T, we can provide wireless routers to students in need, which would provide the entire household high-speed internet access at a greatly reduced cost. During the initial phase, we estimate 100 households and 250 students would be impacted by this program for about $100 per household/six months. The district will work directly with each family and AT&T to enroll eligible students.

Not only will this program provide internet access to our students, but it will also help parents have a more active role in their child’s education. For fear of running out of data, parents have avoided accessing essential district tools to monitor their child’s assignments, grades, and communication from teachers. This program will give parents the opportunity to connect with their child’s school and learning, using tools provided by the district.

For less than $20 a month you can provide a Park Hill family with an essential educational tool and directly impact our students’ lives. Please invest in our children – our future.

Thank you in advance for your support.