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The Literacy Instructional Coach will provide instructional support and coaching to teachers as they work to ensure that each student is able to reach his or her academic potential. The Literacy Instructional Coach’s primary role is to work with teachers to support best practices in using data, provide analysis of school-wide trends in instruction, and make recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of need. As an advisor to teachers and the leadership team, the Literacy Instructional Coach is responsible for four main areas: a) observing instructional delivery and providing feedback to enhance and support the development of each teacher's content area b) supporting teachers in the design of units
and lessons for the development of their year-long curriculum using materials from Teachers College Readers & Writers Workshop, c) analyzing data in order to modify curriculum and forms of assessment to meet students' needs, and d) working with the academic staff (teacher leaders, visiting staff from Teachers College, assistant principals, principals) in the school to support sharing of best practices.
The Literacy Instructional Coach must take a hands-on approach to improving instruction and
effectiveness by working at various levels (classroom-, school-, system-wide) to directly improve ELA instruction, student learning and foster teacher development. This may include modeling lessons in classrooms, helping teacher groups plan instruction, creating system-wide policies and procedures, and facilitating professional development.