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19 Mar

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Add B. Anderson School students, teachers and administrators are working with neighbors and The Trust for Public Land to create a new, green, play space at the school. Planning and design are underway for the future of 1.4 acres, asphalt lot in West Philadelphia. When completed, Anderson’s 480 students will have a green, outdoor, quality space in which to exercise, grow and learn. The green schoolyard also will be open for residents to enjoy after school and on weekend; there are 9,500 people who live within a 10-minute walk of Anderson. Details are still to be finalized; yet, we know the schoolyard will include new play equipment, an outdoor classroom, gardens, seating, and special features to manage stormwater. We are grateful to the School District of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Water Department, and The Trust for Public Land for supplying much of the funding needed for the schoolyard renovations. This campaign is the final push to raise the rest of the funds to make this play space a reality.  Your contribution could help put us over the top! Please make a gift today, your donation will bring us one step closer to creating an innovative, public, green space for all of us to enjoy.