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19 May

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Dr. Tanner G. Duckrey is a Positive Behavior Incentive School. This has dramatically shifted our school culture and aided the growth of student achievement. We have been awarded the PBIS school of the year by the state of Pennsylvania. Our PBIS program also supports the growth of student attendance, which has been a main focus during the pandemic. We are not provided a direct budget to support the purchasing of incentives and we cannot purchase anything through our school’s operational budget. Every day Duckrey scholars have the opportunity to earn Duckrey Diamonds, the Diamonds are used to purchase items in our prize room. Your donation will allow us to provide students access to incentives that the students directly desire as indicated through surveys given to students and families. Our incentives are specific to a student's developmental age. We have also expanded our use of incentives to families to drive participation in parent and family workshops on how they can help support student achievement at home. Some of the incentives we are looking to purchase include gift cards to local retailers that the students frequent, pizzas and other healthy food options that students enjoy delivered right to their door. This system will continue to help us reward students for positive behavior. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. https://www.pbis.org/