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23 Jun

About this Campaign

After almost 1.5 years in the virtual setting, Kensington Health Sciences Academy wants to hit the ground running this Fall by helping students read...BOOKS! KHSA will be partnering with the American Reading Company (ARC) to bring real books to students and literacy training to teachers. While many elementary school teachers are trained to teach literacy, many high school teachers are trained to teach literature--and not reading skills. KHSA wants to teach both! In the Fall of 2019, KHSA partnered with ARC and started an incredible high-school level reading program for its students. Teachers worked with students individually to assess their reading levels, and then, students were able to read books on various reading levels that were designed for high school students. Teachers met with students in small groups that were based on their levels in order to focus their instruction. The program was incredibly successful, but of course, in March 2020 the pandemic put a pause on our work. We are ready to begin again, and even more excited to teach students how to improve their literacy levels, with in-person teaching and tangible books.

Your support will help us train teachers and replenish our book supply. Thank you for your support!