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20 Sep

About this Campaign

Sharswood School educates over 400 kindergarten through 8th graders in the Whitman neighborhood of South Philadelphia, a diverse and historic community that stretches between Snyder St, Seventh St, and the Delaware River in South Philadelphia. At our school, 10 different languages are spoken which is reflective of the diverse population in Whitman. Sharswood's student body is 46% White, 19% Asian, 15% Black, and 14% Hispanic. 14% of Sharswood's students are English Language Learners. Our school may be 100% economically disadvantaged but we have a very vibrant supportive school community. Sharswood is raising money for two resource rooms to benefit the students and families giving them access to the resources they need.

Sharswood is raising $16,553.94 for: (1) A Student Resource Room, assisting students experiencing trauma and behavioral issues and; (2) A Parent Resource Room, connecting Sharswood parents to critical modern resources, including computers and printers. Together, these two projects will provide invaluable resources to make Sharswood a center of support for our students and families.

Collected funds will be used as follows:

  • For the Sharswood Student Resource Room, $7,761.94 will go to purchase sensory related furniture, therapeutic tactile awareness games, educational supplies and materials, and chairs. All purchases will be made through School Speciality.
  • For the Sharswood Parent Resource room, $8,792.00 will be used to purchase computers, a printer, tables, chairs, and supplies, with the computer supplies coming from Apple Inc, and the other supplies from School Specialty.

We intend to have both rooms open for use for the school year 2021/2022.