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My name is Betsy Prange and I’m a 2nd grade teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary School. This year there are two goals I'm trying to achieve with this Fund-A-Classroom project. The first goal is to make social distancing more comfortable for my students. The second goal is to make technology a little easier and fun.  

Flexible Floor Seating

With desks 3 feet apart, I'm asking for seating options so students can comfortably sit on the floor when needed. This includes floor cushions and seats that have backs they can rest on. I am also asking for a set of lap desks so I can work with small groups at the front of the room where there is plenty of floor space to spread out. These lap desks  will give students a sturdy place to write or read and have a built in cushioned seat. 

Technology Support

Although everyone has a chromebook, some 2nd grade students struggle with using a trackpad. I've found that students who brought a mouse from home have a less frustration and an easier time navigating online activities so I'm asking for a set of classroom mice so everyone can use one while at school.

Finally, I am also asking for a subscription to WordWall, a district approved website that allows me to create engaging activities that are content specific. The website has over 30 templates like crosswords, whack-a-mole, and game show just to name a few. Students can independently practice their skills in a variety of ways and it will give me reports on what we still need to work on. This is a great tool for a year where we need to stay three feet apart!

With your help we can make this year more comfortable and fun for my 2nd graders!