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28 Oct

About this Campaign

Help us transform recess into a treasured time of fun and connection for all of our students!

The return to in-person school has been a challenge for many of our younger learners, especially those who have never known a normal school year. Recess, a time of day which for some children has always been hard, has seen an uptick in disagreements, hurt feelings and frustration over the various “zones” available to our youngest students.

We would like to offer a program that would transform the recess experience for many of our kids as well as teach them important social and emotional skills along the way.

Playworks “Recess Reboot” provides four days of on-site Programmatic launch, training, and consulting, delivered by an experienced Playworks Trainer who models and teaches strategies, games, and systems to develop and sustain a positive educational culture for everyone, starting with recess.

Playworks provides:

· Training for 6-8 staff member

· A variety of games during recess time

· Social and emotional learning skills

· Digital access to reinforce and learn game of the week, and translate this to virtual lunch bunches (should the need arise)

· Easy to follow “Brain Breaks”

· Weekly Game of the Week from Playworks

The total cost of this training, digital subscription, and consultation, including travel is $10,200. We have been able to secure part of the funds from Title I but we need your help to fund the rest of the project.

Kenmore Elementary students have spent a school year without regular play and connection with their peers. As we promote our MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) for our students and Tier I interventions in our classrooms, we would like to extend this learning and support on the playground.

Recess is a treasured time among our students and we want them to return from recess feeling included, safe, and happy.

Please help us create a Recess Reboot on our campus so that our children may thrive as they continue their transition back to in-person learning!

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Carolyn Heldron $100
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