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7 Jan

About this Campaign

As we are creating a culture of belonging, we would like to create a meaningful environment within our library that reflects all cultures, racial identities, backgrounds and experiences. Our school wide expectations are to create a culture that everyone feels they belong at, are included, and have their dignity upheld. As such, we believe our students need and deserve a library that can extend their learning opportunities and create the environment that students can be proud of. 
Our team has begun execution of a four phase plan to renovate our Instructional Media Center (IMC). This space has not received any updates since 1993 and is in dire need of remodeling.
Our first phase was to purchase new furniture and flexible seating so that we can begin using the space again. Our operating budget funded $70,000 of new furniture that will bring excitement, joy and comfort for our students the moment they step into the space. This furniture is due for delivery at the end of February 2022 and we are ecstatic to be able to begin using this space again.
Our next phase is to now fill all pre-existing wall mounted bookshelves with culturally and interest relevant texts of all levels for our students to be able to utilize in the classroom setting as well as to check out to be able to take home. We have partnered with Follett to identify specific texts that we know our students will love. This project will fund an already identified text list of 1,555 hardcover books already categorized and prepared with bar codes so that they can be assigned to student profiles. All books have been identified by staff and students as the right books for our students. 
The second and third phases of the IMC will be to add desktop computers to the computer lap side of our Library where we can install STEM programming and ultimately add Makerspace opportunities.