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About this Campaign

Do you love ice cream? How about root beer or Fanta? You're not alone! Our students love these treats too! What better way to reward 4th and 5th grade students reading widely than with a Soda Float!

Our school library Soda Float List pulls nominees for various Washington State student choice book awards. Students can accept the challenge of reading at least half of the 26 books on the list over the course of the year. In our first year (2021-2022), we had 50 of our 4th and 5th graders participate! My goal is 100% participation this coming year.

The books are wonderful, with many offerings for all different students with differing tastes. However, the books become so popular that we cannot keep them on the shelf. What to do? This funding request is to purchase multiple paperback copies of each of the titles so that many are available for students to read all year and into the future. Some of these small "sets" can even remain in our library as literature group sets for future use.

As a librarian, getting books in the hands of my readers is my number one goal-- but when our library can only afford one of each of these books, it makes it too challenging for our kids to reach their goal because they can't get the book. Our budget is based on enrollment, and for our small school, I would use almost a third of my budget to purchase 2-4 paperback copies of each of the books.

Thank you for helping us to provide the necessary resources for students to meet their reading -- and Soda Float -- goal!