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23 Jun

About this Campaign

Our school is laser focused on results and growth.  In September, 14.5% of our students scored at the highest level using the STAR assessment in ELA.  By May, that number rose to 34.2%!  Our Math scores nearly quadrupled from 4.5% in September to 18.6% in May.  These numbers are still far from our goals, but the gains are amazing in just 1 year!

Next school year we want to promote greater collaboration and team building in our academic and social & emotional goals.  One way we want to do that is to create a space where all of our students can learn together in a shared space.  Research and data shows that students perform better when they share a space.  We hope to use the funds from this grant to purchase new tables, flexible seating structures, chairs and benches for our students to allow for team building and collaboration of ideas.  

Our superhero students deserve a supportive environment, one that is new, fresh and encourages students to work together and share ideas.