William H. Ziegler School


Right now our recess yard is a small, paved lot with some mud pits. The mud pits were intended to be flower beds, but the designers didn't anticipate the poor drainage, high foot traffic, and inadequate sunlight. The picture says it all.

We want to transform this space and Revamp Recess. A playground would provide our youngest students with some opportunities for physical activity and engagement, and a basketball net would give our older students the competitive outlet they crave.

A vast majority of our behavior incidents occur during recess time. Why? Because aside from some balls and jump ropes, our students don't have anything productive to do. Helping us Revamp Recess will have lasting consequences beyond the recess yard: students will be safer, happier, and more willing to engage in academic work once they're back in school.

We have $12,500 already pledged to support this project, BUT: we need to raise $12,500 to unlock that grant. It's a matching grant, so your donation will get us closer to unlocking that pledge and raising the money needed to Revamp Recess.

6% Funded
Watson Comly School

Backyard Explorers

We have a partnership with the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion to provide an after school program for our students at no cost to them. This is the 2nd year we have implemented this program. We have seen tremendous growth in Science PSSA scores. The children and families love this program. Help us keep this partnership running!

0% Funded
Walter B. Saul High School

Saul Brings the Party!: Wireless Speaker System

Saul High School holds many events for students and the community: our club fair, FFA Week events, athletic contests, Country Fair Day, Leadership Convention, honor roll celebrations, and many more. Help us be able to take the fun times and party outdoors and around our beautiful 55 acre campus with a wireless speaker system. Thank you in advance for your support of Saul students!

100% Funded