Alexander K. McClure School

Transportation for Trips!

At McClure, we believe in educating the whole child.  As a new Community School, we know we'll be provided many opportunities for our students at our school and in our community; for this project, however, we are seeking funds to supplement the cost of transportation for our students to attend cultural trips in our great city.  Teachers often come to me when they are planning their grade level trips asking for funds for students who may not be able to afford it at that time.  This project will support the cost of transportation and/or admission to art and cultural events that our aligned to our curriculum.  Your contributions will help us with our mission of ensuring we educate all of our children in a cultural manner. 

19% Funded
Anna L. Lingelbach School

Our New Playground

The School District of Philadelphia and The Trust for Public Land made a financial commitment to help Lingelbach build a playground for our students and community! Our final design, which was developed by our students, needs $50,000 to complete their wish! Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated!

78% Funded
James G. Blaine School

Social Emotional Learning

We know that social-emotional learning (SEL) empowers students with abilities that directly impact not only their academic lives, but their success and happiness as adults. -Mary Hossfeld, EdSurge Guide Editor.  The project will involve the students, teachers, parents and community partners. There will be a committee that will meet on a monthly basis to get ideas of what they would like to happen in the 2019-2020 school year with a focus on social and emotional learning by June 2020. This committee will be able to research and design a plan that involves training from an outside provider to teachers, parents, community partners in the beginning of the year and also having touch points throughout the year to continue learning. The committee will be identifying furniture, manipulatives, posters, reading materials, incentives to be purchased to support the work throughout the year. We will also have convening meetings on a monthly basis to check in on how we are doing with implementation. The principal will be responsible for each project component along with the support of the school safety team.

1% Funded