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24-Hour Giving Campaign

What is the 24-Hour Giving Campaign?

It's an opportunity for parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends to come together and make a powerful joint impact! PJP will use this day to raise not only money but awareness of the impact of philanthropy.

Why is Giving Day Important?

It's not how much you give but that you give that count! With a gift of even $10 you are a making a difference to the student of today, tomorrow and forever. You are providing critical funding needed to ensure we continue to provide quality, mission-driven education!

What, specifically, will your gift support?

The simple answer is the people and programs!

How will I make my gift?

Right here, right now online...

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Multiple Schools

Tiger Store Vinyl Printer Cutter

A $5,000 grant was awarded by Autism Speaks towards this purchase. Will you help us match this grant and purchase the Vinyl Printer Cutter immediately?

The Tiger Den Print Shop, which began operation in the fall of 2018 at North Allegheny Senior High School(NASH), is a vocational/education program comprised of specialized apparel customization equipment and software. The educational tenets of the Tiger Den are to provide pragmatic learning experiences reflective of a retail environment within an educational setting. As a vocational program providing instruction for students with special needs, the Tiger Den has developed an inclusive educational framework for students presenting with diverse skill sets and needs. The educational focus is to assist students in the development of transferable vocational and soft skills required to successfully obtain and maintain employment. To date, the Tiger Den produces customized screen printing services and transferable vinyl applications for customized apparel. 

Students receiving instruction in the Tiger Den participate in vocational experiences mirroring the skills required in a retail environment. The Tiger Den has provided students with special needs the opportunity to participate in all facets of the vocational experience originating from design concepts, merchandise ordering, production and delivery of customized apparel. To capitalize and expand on the genuine vocational experiences currently provided, The Tiger Den Print Shop is requesting donations to purchase a vinyl printer and cutter that will increase the production capabilities to include multi-color heat transferable apparel graphics, customized decals, window decals, banners, signs, fatheads, stickers, labels and various school spirit merchandise.

Centrally located at NASH, the Tiger Den Print Shop will serve as the production and merchandise hub with North Allegheny Intermediate High School (NAI) and middle school buildings having the opportunity to merchandise individual school stores in their home buildings. This model provides students within middle school and high school buildings an opportunity to develop a network reflective of a retail business completely comprised of students with special needs, while developing the essential skills required to maintain a job in the workforce.

The capabilities offered through the implementation of the TrueVIS SG-300 Vinyl Printer Cutter will expand the capabilities and services offered within each school store, increasing the daily opportunities for all students to consistently participate in authentic vocational/educational experiences. Collectively, the addition of the vinyl printer and cutter will significantly increase real life applications for students with special needs and assist North Allegheny School District’s goal of providing all of our students with the opportunity to gain independence through the development of vocational skills, increasing the probability of gaining and retaining employment.

Students at NASH and NAI will produce and maintain an inventory of products that can be ordered and sold through vocational/educational programs at NAI,Carson Middle School (CMS) Ingomar Middle School (IMS) and Marshall Middle School (MMS). Students within all building will develop the skills required to order, track inventory, complete sales, and most importantly, interact with their peers and community members in authentic interactions.

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Belmont Elementary

Read All About It!

We will have approximately 140 second grade students who we hope will utilize the Scholastic News resource. In the past, we have found this magazine engages students, builds nonfiction reading skills, and increases content area knowledge. We have secured additional funding for 33 copies, but wish for every student to have their own copy, which they can then take home and share with their families. Your gift will provide 105 additional subscriptions for the school year. Requesting $708.75 plus cost reimbursement.

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