North Star High

North Star High Robotics Technology Upgrade

Here at Lincoln North Star High School, robotics is taken very seriously. For over six years our students have competed at VEX and SkillsUSA competitions with high levels of success. In fact, we are three-time SkillsUSA State Champions in the Mobile Robotics division. LNS also runs the most robotics classes in the district which means we need a lot of robots!

The technology that runs the robots is becoming dated and the company that sells the parts has come out with new technology that will require us to upgrade in order to stay competitive. Our initial plan was to upgrade our technology over a few years but VEX is offering a limited time trade in option good through December 2018. The trade-in would cut the cost in half from $460 per robot to $230 per robot. I would like to take advantage of this offer on as many robots as possible but having at least four kits (at a total of $920) for our competition teams would be a great start!  Thank you for your help!

Requesting $920 plus cost reimbursement.

100% Funded
Northeast High

A World of Drums! NEW CLASS at Lincoln Northeast

The LNE Music department is in need of your help to fund a completely NEW class being offered at school this year: World Drumming. 

At Lincoln Northeast, we are proud to be amongst the most diverse schools in the city. We have many students with different experiences and cultural backgrounds. Our biggest goal as a music program at LNE has been to provide music opportunities to all students who wish to have them. One outlet we chose to grow upon our musical diversity is by offering a completely new course, World Drumming. It is a culmination of styles of music that is played across the globe, not just here in America. We hope that we can share our interpretations of music to all different types of students, just as we hope they will share their musical experiences with us. These drums are the first step to outfitting our class towards success. Thank you all for your contributions!

Requesting $4,700 plus cost reimbursement.

0% Funded
Park Hill South High School

Miguel Gonzalez Memorial Fund

The soccer teams from both high schools will be raising funds to honor the memory of Miguel Gonzalez. Miguel was a campus supervisor at PHS and a long-time MSHSAA soccer referee. The fund will go to pay for a sheltered bench area that game officials can use during soccer matches at the District Soccer Stadium.

19% Funded