North Allegheny Senior High School

2020 Senior Post Prom

The Senior Prom will take place on May 2, 2020 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from 7:30-11:30 p.m. Following the prom, our senior parents/guardians are planning the Post-Prom which will be held at NASH from midnight to 5 a.m. The theme for this year’s Post-Prom is Friends Episode 2020.

The Post Prom provides a safe and supervised environment for our students as they celebrate the end of their high school experience. This event is a gift to our students from our community and parents to celebrate and recognize their success. The Post Prom also serves as a gift back to our community, our first responders, and to our families and children. When students are provided with safe alternatives, they are less likely to engage in behaviors that can have a tragic impact our community. .

The Senior Post-Prom is primarily funded through generous donations, so the post-prom committees cannot do this without your help. Donations made to this account will benefit our seniors directly and will put towards decorations, food, entertainment, and activities for nearly 600 students. Please consider donating.

53% Funded
Powell Valley Elementary

Field Trips Around the World with Virtual Reality

Powell Valley has taken the lead as a STEAM driven school that offers students a variety of 21st century technologies and skills.  We want to give our students every opportunity to learn through doing, rather than just sitting and getting, therefore the staff have created project-based learning environment.

To that end, we would like to add a set of 10 ASUS Virtual Reality headsets to our school for all classrooms to be able to check out.  This project would allow an estimated 500 students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade explore locations virtually from inside their classrooms.  No longer are students confined to the four walls of our classrooms.  This campaign would unlock around 800 virtual field trips that put real world locations right in front of our students.    

We hope that you will consider donating to this visionary project.  The engagement that these Virtual Reality Headsets would bring to our school would truly take our school to the next level of STEAM-centered learning.

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Kensington Health Sciences Academy

Global Leadership Program

Kensington Health Sciences Academy (KHSA) serves over 450 students in grades 9-12 with career programs focused in the medical field. A thriving community of engaged students, incredible teaching staff, and dedicated community partners, KHSA is proud to introduce the Global Leadership Program, a new career education track.

The Global Leadership Program seeks to increase civic action among students through a three-year academic program focused in sociology, political science, and civics. Students will gain comprehension of local and national political processes, quantitative and qualitative research skills, and self and community advocacy. 

To foster a sense of identity and community for the 75-80 students who will participate in the Global Leadership Program, we are requesting $1,400 to purchase customized t-shirts. Join us in celebrating and recognizing the importance of students who think globally and act locally to create change.

4% Funded