Gilbert Spruance School

Encouraging STEM Subjects and Careers at Spruance Elementary

Our school community is a set of diverse learners who come from many different backgrounds and offer a unique perspective in the classroom. With over thirty languages represented, almost twenty percent of our students enrolled as English learners, and a diverse special education population, students are encouraged to develop their scientific skills through technology and other resources. We base our instruction on the motto, “Great expectations for every kid, every day, in every class.” Spruance is also a Title I school that will greatly benefit from Philly FUNDamentals. Our goal for Spruance students is to encourage the exploration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects and occupations through project-based learning and technology.

Through the funding of this project, we will acquire the rights for our students to operate STEM Fuse, a program that facilitates topics that align with STEM principles. In addition to the program, the classroom materials necessary for in-person learning will be purchased. This program will blend online learning with activities that students will complete in person. During the implementation of this program, our students will have the opportunity to conduct research for experimentation, participate in hands-on activities, engage in problem-solving exercises, record and analyze data, collaborate together on and offline, examine specimens that are not typically available in the classroom, and much more. With an increasing demand for more individuals to enter STEM fields, our students deserve the opportunity to explore these possibilities and become excited about them. 

13% Funded
Dr. Ethel Allen School


Dr. Ethel Allen Promise Academy is in its third year of implementation of a Positive Behavior Support Program (PBIS) that has dramatically shifted school culture and aided the significant growth of student achievement. This year we were recognized by the state of Pennsylvania as 1 of 10 schools in Philadelphia with  full implementation of fidelity recognition status. The PBIS program also supports the growth of student attendance, which has been a main focus during the pandemic. We are not provided a direct budget to support the purchasing of incentives and our school budget rules also delimits the items that can be purchased through a school's operational budget. Your donation will allow us to provide students access to incentives that the students directly desire as indicated through surveys given to students and families. At Dr. Ethel Allen we have a grand band tier approach to PBIS so incentives are specific to a students developmental age. We have also expanded our use of incentives to families to drive participation in parent and family workshops on how they can help support student achievement at home. This important initiative has led to Dr. Ethel Allen being the recipient of the School District of Philadelphia's 2020 Home and School Partnership Award Winner. Some of the incentives we are looking to purchase include gift card to local retailers that the students frequent, pizzas and other healthy food options that students enjoy delivered right to their door, and items such as air pods.

9% Funded
Bothell High School

BHS Class of 2021 Activities

Help us make this year special for Bothell High School's Class of 2021 Seniors!

Our Senior class has not been to in-person school since March 4, 2020. They have already missed out on several typical Senior year activities and will likely miss out on many more. We want to make this year special for them, starting with giving a Class of 2021 lanyard to every Senior in January ($650 cost).

We have several other ideas and may want to host a series of days on which the Seniors can get a free lunch item or beverage, or other item, which we will arrange. Our immediate goal is to pay for the lanyards and the first round of senior freebies.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 in funds which will all go towards Senior activities. Any leftover funds from this campaign will go toward future activities for the BHS Class of 2021 and making a year-end celebration that is financially accessible to the whole 392-member class.

All we need to reach our goal is:
$10 donation from 500 Senior Supporters
$25 donation from 200 Senior Supporters
$50 donation from 100 Senior Supporters
$100 donation from 50 Senior Supporters

Thank you for supporting Bothell High School's Class of 2021 Seniors!

64% Funded