Clinton Elementary

Animals Bring The Curriculum To Life.

Your gift will make it possible for 80 kindergarten students to visit the Lincoln Children's Zoo.  Even with the zoo being in our community, many children have not had the opportunity to experience it. Throughout our literacy curriculum we explore how baby animals move, how animals are alike and different, where animals live, what kind of bugs we know about along with different jobs and community workers.  Our writing curriculum focuses on writing stories from our lives. This experience will provide many opportunities for writing and could certainly be the source for our students' final writing assessment. Requesting $992 plus cost reimbursement.

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Arnold Elementary

Family Basic Needs Fundraiser

This campaign would help Arnold School provide families and kids with basic needs support throughout the school year, such as:

-On-Site School Food Pantry

-Coats, Hats, Gloves, Backpacks for kids

-Food Backpacks over long  breaks

-Thanksgiving Meals for families

-Temporary transportation needs for families

Requesting $1000.00 plus cost reimbursement.

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Hartley Elementary

Hartley Bracelets

The students at Hartley Elementary work hard everyday to be safe, caring, respectful and responsible. One of the ways teachers motivate students to follow our school-wide expectations is by handing out yellow hornet tickets whenever one of these positive traits is displayed. At the end of each month, the tickets are counted and a school celebration is had. These celebrations could be a pajama day, a yummy snack etc. 

We'll be having another assembly soon to announce how many hornet tickets the Hartley students have earned. This is where we need your help. For our next celebration, us teachers would like to give the students some Hartley swag in the form of silicone bracelets. Each student would be able to have a little piece of school pride they can wear around their wrist.

Please consider donating to our school where the students are so proud of how hard they work on being SAFE, CARING, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE!

Requesting $175.00 plus cost reimbursement.

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