Humann Elementary

Humann Elementary Scholar Strengths

Please help Humann 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade scholars discover their strengths to begin to shape their leadership skills. Scholars will take the Clifton Strengths Explorer to discover their personal strengths and how they use their strengths to learn, grow, and be successful!

The following comes from the book Thrivers, by Dr. Michele Borba, Kids who understand, value, and apply their strengths are happier and more resilient (pg.63). It’s only when we have an accurate picture of our sons and daughters that we can nurture their strengths and help them compensate for their weaknesses (pg.63). While we can’t eliminate hardships, we can minimize potential negative effects by helping kids develop and apply their core strengths (pg.63). This Fund-a-Need will provide 260 students with the Clifton Strength Explorer access code to take the assessment and identify each student’s top 3 strengths. Requesting $2,590 plus cost reimbursement.

Help our Huskies discover their strengths! 

9% Funded
Norwood Park Elementary

Author Visit Books for Students

We will be having the author Diane deGroat visit our school on October 5th. We would like to be able to provide all of the students who will be going to her presentation a copy of one of her books. We are working hard to get books into the hands of our students to help them build their home library and develop their reading skills. Requesting $780 plus cost reimbursement.

49% Funded
Park Middle School

Park Middle School Music Event Funds

Park Middle School has several music opportunities for students to experience. We would like to give our students the opportunity to see professional performers at the Lied Center as well as perform for other schools throughout the district. With these opportunities come travel expenses and ticket costs.

The tickets are $5/person. We will be using school transportation that is $60/hour/bus. With these funds we will be able to provide transportation and decrease the financial pressure on families. Asking for $1,500 plus cost reimbursement.

13% Funded