Wellington Elementary

After School Robotics

“I see robotics as providing skills necessary for the future and it involves creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking to solve problems based off designed curriculum. I want to give the students at this school the same opportunities as well as STEM skills that will promote their interest in Coding, Computer Science and Robotics, and their desire to learn more in the future.” Jackie Berg

This after school club would be available to all students at Wellington Elementary School. Students would learn to code using various LEGO Wedo kits, and learn how to incorporate the 4C's that are important in STEM work (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking). Students will do hands on learning to help build various robotic machines, and will deploy their critical thinking skills and work with groups or partners to achieve their goal. These materials would also be open to teachers to utilize in their classrooms, if they wanted to do a robotics project as well.

Community members are welcome to volunteer and we will run this program up-to 3 times a year, as long as there are student who are still interested in learning. Will you help build our Robotics club?

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Bothell High School

Sport For All Equipment

Tchoukball is a sport for all and at Bothell High School it will increase engagement and supplement life fitness for nearly 560 students this year and be used in at least 16 section of Life Fitness and Team Sports.

Having taught Life Fitness for a number of years, we work to expose students to a variety of games throughout the course.  We have spent time researching games that might differ from the traditional and Tchoukball is one that comes up again and again as a great sport due to its unique defense.

“Unlike traditional American team sports the defending team does not put up direct opposition to the team with the ball, instead they must position themselves strategically to be able to catch a shot without interfering. Thus, tchoukball is not plagued by direct contact between opposing teams, and therefore tensions on the court do not run as high as in other team sports.” - USA Tchoukball

"In PE, one of the hardest things to do is find activities where multiple skill levels can interact and everyone feels a sense of inclusion," he said. "Activities that build teamwork and have everybody working together to achieve a common goal is much more educationally sound. This particular sport encompasses all those aspects.”- Todd Keating, retired school teacher (https://www.chicagotribune.com/columns/ct-tchoukball-met-20161014-story.html)

Tchoukball by design is a sport for all! Help us fund two sets at Bothell High.

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Park Hill High School

Mary Poppins Flying, Rigging & Projections Campaign

Park Hill High School is excited to produce Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's MARY POPPINS this fall.  While we will pay for most of the costs of this production through ticket sales, a key component of this production is the flying of Mary Poppins and Bert.  This is done through special rigging that is tailored for each production by companies dedicated to safe rigging in theater. This is expensive and beyond what our ticket sales will garner.  We are asking our theater community to help us accomplish our goal of flying Mary, Bert and possibly other characters properly in this production.  By doing this, our students will learn invaluable lessons about this aspect of musical theater.

Bert Flying        Flight School        Mary Poppins Preview

35% Funded