Culler Middle School

Positive Recognition Monthly Culler-brations

At Culler Middle School, we promote a positive school culture in a lot of meaningful ways. One of the most important is the use of positive specific praise. This helps students learn what positive behaviors add to their success. We strive for students to hear four times the number of positives than corrections. We need your help to achieve our goal in sustaining our acknowledgement system..
Adding to our positive school culture is the interactions amongst a highly culturally diverse community. This diversity includes languages with more than 35 countries represented. Adding to our diversity is ability and economically: 11% of our students are identified as gifted, 23% are students served by Special Education and 77% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. We learn in a dynamic community with lots of diversity. Positive specific praise helps everyone to achieve more.
Positive specific praise is one element of our total acknowledgement system. We recognize student achievement in a variety of ways from commonplace to extraordinary. Monthly we host our Culler-bration. All eligible students will gather for 20-30 minutes to celebrate their accomplishments. Students will have the opportunity to share with others how they met their goals and create a plan for success for the next month. Along with goal setting, the students also share a food treat, get certificates, and tangible items like extra school supplies. We need your help with these aspects of the acknowledgement system. Our recognition items include small prizes that help reward students for their positive behavior and larger prizes that promote community pride at the monthly Culler-bration. We are requesting $4,000 plus cost reimbursement.
At the end of August this school year, the students who participated in Culler-bration were responsible for being on time to class every single period and having cell phones away. At the celebration they were able to enjoy a shaved ice treat. We set monthly goals around improved grades, attendance, and positive behavior.
Building a strong community is very important as a tenet of student success, and it further increases enthusiasm for our recognition system. We greatly appreciate and thank you for any help or assistance you can offer. Our students thank you, too, for helping them build the foundation for their future as members of a respectful community.

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Prescott Elementary

Prescott's 100 Year Celebration

Dear Prescott Community, Alumni, Parents, Neighbors and Friends,

We are so happy to announce that for our 14th annual Prescott Community Walk-a-Thon, we will be celebrating the 100th Year of our beautiful school!

Please join us in celebrating on Friday, May 5th, 2023 for an all-day event!


For 2023, our theme is Prescott on Display! Your donations will be to fund an electronic marquee sign where we can help communicate community events with all of our families in different languages. We hope to install this sign, with the help of LPS Grounds, ideally on the corner of 20th & Harwood St. This mission will be significantly bigger than our picnic table mission of last year where we crushed our goal of $8,000! This year, we are asking for $20,000 ($17,540 plus cost reimbursement) between all cash, check, & online donations -- to work on this huge project to help invest in the school's communication. Our school is FOR ALL, and as the School Neighborhood Advisory Committee, we have decided this is one of the best ways to communicate with our neighborhood.

The Why:
The main purpose of the annual Walk-a-Thon is to serve as a fundraiser for Prescott Community Park, to continue the growth and maintenance of the award-winning outdoor classroom and green space for our local community. You can help by donating a set dollar amount of your choice in exchange for the kids/classes completing the walk. We are grateful that our community has long provided strong support for Prescott Community Park.

Our Goal for 2023 is to raise $20,000 in donations -- from cash, checks, & online.

Reminder on our 2022 Success:
Last year, our theme was Gathering in the Garden. Your donations helped support the installation of picnic tables in the outdoor classroom, along with revamping the pollinator garden, & new seeds for the garden beds & hiring on two garden maintenance staff. The picnic tables are still in transit! Once they arrive, due to the back-order, they will provide students and teachers an opportunity to have table space to do activities and lessons outside! This will provide us with more opportunities to gather together after years in the pandemic, to have picnics again, and to host garden workshops!

Before Refinishing

After Refinishing

We were also able to perform maintenance on the “one of a kind” local artist made saber-toothed fossil dig as it showed wear and tear after 8 years of exploration. With your help, we raised $10,000 for the park!

During the entire school day, we will be participating in our annual Walk-a-Thon where the students will walk around the block as a class during their special’s class period. We will have mascots come to cheer on our students!

Join us in our Centennial Celebration on Friday, May 5th starting at 5pm!

We will be doing a short program in the auditorium, a tour of the school building, followed up by an evening celebration in the outdoor space with plenty of food vendors, 100 Year shirts, local musicians, and activities for all ages. More details on the physical event coming soon! We hope to see you there.

Go Panthers!

Prescott School Neighborhood Advisory Committee/SNAC
Walk-a-Thon Planning Committee

11% Funded
North Star High School

Drumming Around the World (New Class!)

The Lincoln North Star Music Department is in need of your help to fund instrument for a NEW class being offered at school this year: World Drumming!

By expanding our multicultural music offerings, we can help recognize, celebrate, and preserve diverse cultural heritages and perspectives of our students. Drums and other percussion instruments are some of the most accessible instruments for all students to learn more about music and culture. While the instruments would be used in a World Drumming Class or Ensemble, they wouldn't be tied to just one class. At LNS, these instruments would be used by the choirs, bands, and percussion class to explore and perform music from different parts of the world. Requesting $6,100 plus cost reimbursement.

Your gifts will help us purchase a world drumming starter kit, which includes various drums, beaters, shakers, and other instruments used in West African and Afro-Cuban music groups. These drums are the first step to outfitting our class towards success. Thank you all for your contributions!

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