Lincoln High

LHS Show Choir Season 2024

The 60+ talented and dedicated Lincoln High School choir students perform in school concerts, local community events, and choral competitions across the Midwest each year! Your contribution will enhance artistic education by providing funds for Show Choir competitions, travel expenses, set designs, vocal arrangements, performance lighting, costumes, and much more! Requesting $7,500 plus cost reimbursement.

19% Funded
Elliott Elementary

Success in the Classroom through Flexible Seating

Elliott Elementary is a Title 1 school in the heart of Lincoln, NE. The students, families, and staff at Elliott are passionate about education. Elliott's minority student enrollment is 74% and our families speak 23 different languages. A number of our families have moved to the United States within the last 3 years.

Elliott has a longstanding history of prioritizing resources needed to support all students and meet their individual needs. An area of focus in serving our students continues to be providing flexible seating options to meet individual learning styles. Varying options allow for students to focus in different ways, increasing student confidence and success with engaging as an active participant and learner.

In our community we have piloted a few standing desks and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our teachers and students. We have found that the option to stand can increase focus for students and the swinging bar below the desk allows for movement that does not disrupt the learning community.

We are requesting $3,500 plus cost reimbursement to purchase 5 additional standing desks to support the scholars in our learning community.

0% Funded
Lakeview Elementary

Musical Instruments for Lakeview Students

Lakeview music teachers are looking to enhance the musical instruments we are able to offer to our Lakeview students. With tight budgets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get instruments from the district and that is when we turn to YOU our community to show us your commitment to our music students in Lincoln Public Schools.  We are looking for the following instruments:

3 - Jupiter Flutes (JFL710) $500/each - from Dietz Music
3 - Jupiter Clarinets (JFL710n) $500/each - from Dietz Music
1 - 1/2 size Pfretzschner cello - $969 - from Schar music
2 - 12" Knilling Sebastian/Franz Hoffman Viola - $319/ each - from Schar music
1 - 13" Knilling Sebastian/Franz Hoffman Viola - $279 - from Schar music
1 - 1/2 size Pfretzschner 3000 violin/Jacob Horst HV12 - $279 - from Schar music

Requesting $5,170 plus cost reimbursement. 

0% Funded