Belmont Elementary

Team 5 T-Shirts

Building a sense of school pride, unity, and a sense of community is the cornerstone of Belmont Elementary and the 5th Grade Team.  One way we do this is with team T-Shirts that are used for special school activities and field trips.  Each year we give our 5th grade students a uniquely designed T-shirt just for that grade and school year made by a local business owner.  Not only do they help to build a sense of community, but also serve as a safety tool as it makes it easy to identify OUR students during field trips.  The cost of the shirts for our team will be approximately $900.

We are requesting $900 plus cost reimbursement.

30% Funded
North Star High School

Lincoln North Star Theatre's Holiday Show

Lincoln North Star Theatre is excited to begin a new holiday tradition this year and we need your help! We will be working on a musical for young audiences called "Jingle Arrgh the Way!" This musical is based on a children's book titled, "How I Became a Pirate" by Melinda Long.

As part of our holiday musical experience, we are excited to welcome elementary students to attend the performance for free AND provide them with a book to enhance their experience. In order to do this, we will need assistance with busing students to North Star for the performance, and in providing books for those students in attendance. Requesting $4,500 plus cost reimbursement.

We are thrilled about this opportunity for not only the North Star students to give back to their community and grow their skills as performers, but also for the young audiences to experience the arts and resources available to them through Lincoln Public Schools Performing Arts.

1% Funded
Hartley Elementary

Hartley Support Center Fund

Please help fund the purchase of new materials for our Student Support Center and Recovery Rooms at Hartley Elementary School. This includes items for our Reinforcement System, Calming Materials and Teaching Tools. Requesting $250 plus cost reimbursement.

0% Funded