Tiffany Ridge Elementary School

Support Your Timberwolf!

The Support Your Timberwolf campaign contributions will be used to purchase broadcast equipment and flexible seating.

19% Funded
Ingomar Middle School

Digital Breakout Teacher Accounts

This $1500 will provide 125 teacher accounts for teachers to access the new/updated Breakout EDU Platform.  Numerous teachers have utilized the "free" components of the website already, but are now ready to take the next step as their comfort with iPads and integrating technology into their curricula has grown.  

0% Funded
Park Hill High School

Travel the World through Books- Madame McPheeters' French Library!

Learning a second language can be tough, but studies show the more a student reads comprehensible language in the second language, the faster they will acquire it. Reading can often be hard if the subject matter is difficult or boring. I would like to build a French Free voluntary reading library where students have interesting choices of books in French to read during a designated time period in class. There are many appropriate comprehensible readers and novels that I would like to buy and develop a checkout system with my students. These books can be used by all levels, French 1-5AP and I would like to provide a wide variety of novels, stories, legends, fables etc... to choose from. Reading in a second language is a very useful skill that will then carry over into career and college readiness. This will also allow students to learn cultural differences between litterature read in the US and those stories read in Francophone countries and the rest of the world. To make this an inviting activity, I would like to purchase some comfortable alternative seating, a rug and some lamps to make the experience more engaging to students. 

0% Funded