Park Middle School

DaVinci Machines in Motion - Field Trip

We have been studying the intersection of art, design and innovation. As a culmination, Park 8th grade art students will be transported by bus to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum exhibit, "Leonardo Da Vinci:  Machines in Motion".  This amazing exhibit offers:

Interactive displays of fully operational machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci

Hands-on experiences where visitors can touch and set machines in motion,

Exploration of the principles behind Leonardo's inventions

Thematic sections based on the elements – air, water, land and fire

Visionary inventions such as the helicopter, glider, armored tank and more

Requesting $3,041 plus cost reimbursement. 

20% Funded
Arnold Elementary

Xylophones for All! More Xylophone instruments needed for Arnold Elementary

Hello! My name is Kaylin Gardner, and I teach K-5 General Music at Arnold Elementary School in the Air Park Neighborhood! This Title 1 School serves 750 and there are 18-24 students in each classroom. Over the past two years, I have been working towards my Orff-Schulwerk Certification. Through this process, my student have been using our Orff Instruments (Xylophones and Glockenspiels) more and more! They are enjoying playing song, exploring, composing, and improvising.

We do not have enough instruments for all students to be included in the music making. Many students have to sit to the side and wait to play an instrument. Because of this, students are not getting the experience and practice they need in order to be successful. I am asking for donations of $10,145 plus cost reimbursement. I understand that this is a considerably large amount to ask. But, here is what it will purchase...

- Fees, shipping, and taxes, 18 pack of mallets, 3 rolling carts for the instruments, 3 Tenor-Alto Xylophones, 3 Soprano Xylophones, 1 Bass Xylophone, and 2 Contra Bass Bars that are C and D. Each student will get to experience music fully!

Thank you so much for your consideration! Even if I am able to purchase a partial amount of instruments, it will make the greatest difference to my students! These instruments are amazing and I am looking forward to putting in the instruments in their hands more often and giving them a full experience to help them be successful musicians! 

Kaylin Gardner

35% Funded
Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools

Spark Summer Camp Scholarships

Spark Summer Learning provides fun and engaging opportunities for Lincoln's elementary students to explore, wonder, and discover the world of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). With ten weeks of summer camp, students can choose which week (or weeks) they want to explore. From pollinators to planets and coding to cameras, each week provides tons of hands-on, exciting activities, field trips, and expert well as time to relax, have fun, and hit the pool! Spark provides care from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm in addition to breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks - all designed to give Lincoln's working parents the care and support they need throughout the summer.

Each week of camp is $280. And while this is in line with other Lincoln-area summer camps, it is still out of reach for many families. This campaign will provide scholarships to need-based students.

0% Funded