Maxey Elementary

Technology in the Classroom for first grade

Your gifts will help us to obtain a teacher iPad in each of the five first-grade classrooms along with Apple TV. Having the iPads and Apple TV would help us to display student learning and to engage students through visual models.

We would like to have these tools added to the classroom as the bulk of our curricular areas are in a digital platform. Having Apple TV allows us to display the lessons, record student work, give formative assessments, and provide feedback.  These are just some of the many ways in which this technology piece can be incorporated into the learning.  This will help meet students learning abilities and needs at all levels, from below level to beyond level.

Having the Apple TV and iPad together allows the teacher to roam the classroom and to engage students in a more productive manner.

The breakdown of costs is as follows:
iPads 128 GB @ $399 each X 5 rooms = $1,995.00
iPad case @ $27.95 each X 5 = $139.75
Apple TV @ $149 each x 5 = $745.00
HDMI cord @ $3.49 each x 5 = $17.45

Requesting $2,897.20 plus cost reimbursement.

0% Funded
Irving Middle School

Irving One Book One Family

Irving One Book One Family is a book club that students in grades 6-8 can participate in with an adult family member. Once a month the entire group is given a book. The student and parent read their copy of the book and we gather in the evening one time a month, to discuss a book or participate in other literacy activities based on that book.

Reading with the same quality literature builds important connections between students, their parents, and school. We create a non-threatening environment of acceptance to hold higher level discussions about this excellent literature. This pushes students and parents to read "outside their comfort zone" and leads to wonderful discussions and diversity of opinions. After our discussion we like to share a light dinner and continue to build our connections with each other.

Funding covers both the purchase of the books as well as helps us provide the dinner. Our budget helps determine how many students can be served by this group. Right now we have 28 students and their parents in the club. Requesting $2,500 plus cost reimbursement.

11% Funded
LPS Music

String Project: Putting instruments in the hands of kids 19/20

The String Project will begin its fourth year in the fall of 2019! Your gifts will help students purchase or rent an instrument and method books. The String Project is an after school program held twice a week at Park Middle School. The program will take place both semesters of the 2019-20 school year. This campaign helps support students who qualify for free and reduced lunch in renting or purchasing an instrument and method books. The Glenn Korff School of Music at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will provide other funding for this project.

The project is a partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and UNL. Its core mission is to provide low cost music instruction on a string instrument to elementary students from throughout the community and to address the string teacher shortage that has existed for some time in this country.

The UNL program addresses the shortage by giving college string students (primarily music education majors) more hands-on training than they would normally receive in their college career while providing third-grade students in the Lincoln Public School system an opportunity to learn to play a string instrument.

Research has shown that students involved in music instruction do better academically. There is also evidence it develops leadership skills, character, self-discipline, and raises school attendance rates. Requesting $2,500 plus cost reimbursement.

88% Funded