Goodrich Middle School

Butterfly Life Cycles- ELL Level 1 & 2

Our ELL students are studying the life cycle of animals. Most of our students missed the opportunity that LPS elementary students are given to observe the butterfly life cycle in their classroom due to not being in the county at that time. This project would allow our students to have a hands on and real life experience while learning about animal life cycles. Our ELL students have limited English, so this project would allow them to observe, draw and begin to communicate changes they see.

**The donation request includes the price of zoo admission, bus fees, and butterfly kits for the students. Requesting $650.00 plus cost reimbursement. 

81% Funded
North Star High

Slam Poetry: Let's get re-started!

The North Star High School Slam Poetry Team does not have direct funding for our program.  While participation in our program has been down the last few years, we took home the state champion award in the 2014-2015 season.  This year we have a new group of talented writers and performers who want to ignite that fire for spoken word and competition again!

Your gifts will help fund contest entry fees, transportation, food, and other expenses to ensure equal access for all students interested in participating, and make it possible to reignite and continue the slam poetry program at Lincoln North Star.   Requesting $2,000 plus cost reimbursement.

0% Funded
East High

East High Slam Poetry 2019

The East Slam Team is looking for donations to aid with the cost of transportation, and an entry fee to Louder Than A Bomb Great Plains 2019. Requesting $1000 plus cost reimbursement. 

31% Funded