Northeast High

Spring Swing 2018

Thank you for your generous donations so far. With you help, we've reached the half way point of our campaign. It's exciting to see so much support given by so many. Now let's finish this thing up!! Please share this and help get the word out! 

We hope to see you on March 24,  as we have a day of great music and dancing lined up. The Northeast Instrumental Music Department is excited to announce Jazz Band performances from Seward High School, Wahoo High School and Lincoln Pius X High School as well East, North Star, Southwest and Northeast from Lincoln Public School.

Special performances will be feature Vocal Jazz groups from East and Northeast High Schools and our very own LNE Alumni Jazz Band. 

So, join us at Northeast High School to help make the night special. Doors open at 3:00 pm and the last band starts at 9:30 pm as the night ends with a BANG when the balloons are dropped for the finale! 

58% Funded
Southwest High

3-D Printer for STEM

When technology is used correctly it can have a positive effect on student engagement, creativity, problem solving skills, thought process, and overall achievement.  The possibility of these positive skills is why I want to get a 3D printer for the Lincoln Southwest Science Department.  The use of 3D printing is growing by designers, engineers, and other professionals in need of prototyping.  With the increase use of 3D printing in STEM fields, I feel it is very important for students to learn about the tools that current STEM fields are using.  With 3D printing students will be able to learn, design, create products that were never possible before.  These hands on models can then be used in a wide variety of areas to bring learning to life.

Biology classes can build models of cells and cell parts, create models to help them learn processes such as the cell cycle, photosynthesis, respiration, DNA replication, and protein synthesis.  Chemistry classes can build chemical models that will allow them to better understand how bonds form and how chemical reactions occur.  Physics classes can design and engineer various structures that can be tested by students using different amounts and types of forces.  The uses of 3D printing are endless within a science classroom. Having tangible objects to use in learning is much more rich than learning from 2D images.  Having a 3D printer in our science department will help engage our students but it will also help prepare our students for STEM careers in the future. Requesting $2500.00 plus cost of reimbursement.

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Southwest High

The Southwest SilverTongues need help getting to Louder Than a Bomb!

The Southwest SilverTongues need help getting to Louder Than a Bomb! 

The Southwest Poetry Club is entering the Louder Than a Bomb Great Plains teen poetry festival. After months of writing, critiquing, revising, practicing, and rewriting some more, the SilverTongues are ready to perform their pieces in the competition. 

Louder Than a Bomb is a "friendly competition that emphasizes self-expression and community via poetry, oral story-telling, and hip-hop spoken word.” Along with the competition, students will be able to attend workshops, events, and other slams throughout the festival. 

Please help us reach our goal! The $400 covers the entry fee for the festival.  Attending Louder Than a Bomb will be the perfect culmination of hard work, persistence, creativity, and papercuts.

Thank you so much for your support!

100% Funded