Roper Elementary

Headphone Help for Roper

Students at Roper will be able to learn and experience music with a new and fun curriculum through the new computer program called Quaver. Students are able to create music with the use of technology and receive a well-rounded music education that is fun and engaging. In order for students to create their own music and learn about all aspects of music, each student needs his/her headphones to fully participate in this curriculum.  Requesting $467.40 plus cost reimbursement. Thank you!

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McPhee Elementary

McPhee Kindergarten goes to the Pumpkin Patch!

McPhee Elementary is a Title I school. Many of our scholars don't have the opportunity to experience the pumpkin patch.  Your donation will allow our scholars to attend the pumpkin patch where they will be able to use many skills such as sharing, being a friend, conversational skills, as well as getting some physical exercise. Your contribution would go toward ticket purchases and busing. We are requesting 730.00 plus cost reimbursement. Thank you for your donation!

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LPS District Office

Recognizing outstanding principals

Your gifts help recognize outstanding LPS principals who are just starting out as an administrator. And a challenge grant means your gift could be doubled!

The Marie Bourke Leadership Award was established by Glenn and Janice Friendt to affirm and recognize the impact of great principals on the lives of students and teachers. This award recognizes outstanding LPS principals who have demonstrated outstanding levels of leadership and continuous improvement in student achievement and development.

The award includes participation in the Gallup Organization Leadership Program to encourage and groom continued growth in that principal's career. Glenn and Janice Friendt will generously match any gift up to $5,000 to help endow the fund and ensure that outstanding LPS principals will be honored each and every year. Requesting $5,000 plus cost reimbursement.

Good principals make a difference ... great principals touch lives

"I had many great teachers at Saratoga Elementary School when I was growing up,” said Glenn Friendt. “While teachers may have changed from year to year, one very important person was a constant. She was Marie Bourke, the principal. Like magic, Ms. Bourke was everywhere; the front entrance, the hallways, class rooms, cafeteria, and the gym. Our first super hero. Students weren’t sure what she did, but all of the teachers, assistants, staff, even the janitors, were happy, positive and they cared for us very much and that made us feel special. Those who have ever had the responsibility of a leadership role will realize that Marie Bourke had a special talent for leadership that made Saratoga such an amazing place for learning and growing.

“Authentic leadership is serving others – creating an environment where everyone can be their best; empowering others, so they can do their best; making sure they have the tools to meet challenges as they come up; always supporting them when things get tough or confusing. And, yes, leading the celebration when everyone wins. It’s in that spirit we honor outstanding principals for the positive impact they have on teaching, learning and growing within their school."

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