Powell Valley Elementary

Field Trips Around the World with Virtual Reality

Powell Valley has taken the lead as a STEAM driven school that offers students a variety of 21st century technologies and skills.  We want to give our students every opportunity to learn through doing, rather than just sitting and getting, therefore the staff have created project-based learning environment.

To that end, we would like to add a set of 10 ASUS Virtual Reality headsets to our school for all classrooms to be able to check out.  This project would allow an estimated 500 students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade explore locations virtually from inside their classrooms.  No longer are students confined to the four walls of our classrooms.  This campaign would unlock around 800 virtual field trips that put real world locations right in front of our students.    

We hope that you will consider donating to this visionary project.  The engagement that these Virtual Reality Headsets would bring to our school would truly take our school to the next level of STEAM-centered learning.


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Hollydale Elementary

5th grade Inventors & Robotics with micro:bits

My students have taken off with coding on micro:bits! They are ready for the next challenge, and having the the materials available is absolutely necessary for their success. 

This grant request is for the following items:

15 SparkFun Inventor's Kit Bridge Packs @ $39.95 each (minus 5% volume discount)

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) for micro:bit is a great way to get creative, connected and coding with the micro:bit. The SIK for micro:bit provides everything you need to hook up and experiment with multiple electronic circuits! With the SIK for micro:bit you will be able to complete circuits that will teach you how to read sensors, move motors, build Bluetooth® devices and more.

15 :MOVE Mini Buggy Kits @ $34.95 each

The :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit from Kitronik provides a fun introduction to robotics using the micro:bit. Specifically, the :MOVE Mini is a two wheeled robot that is suitable for autonomous operation, remote control projects via a Bluetooth application, or being controlled using a second micro:bit as a controller thanks to the micro:bit's radio functionality. The :MOVE Mini also has five RGB individually addressable ZIP LEDs (NeoPixel compatible), which can be used as indicators, reverse lights, and more!

The included Kitronik :MOVE servo:lite board can also be used in conjunction with a micro:bit to build other movement based projects. There are even guides detailing; how to control a third servo, how to code the buggy to draw shapes, how to write code for the on-board ZIP LEDs, how to code the buggy for Bluetooth control, and how to use a second micro:bit as a controller.

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East Gresham Elementary

Flags for East Gresham

East Gresham Elementary School is a diverse learning community. Many of our students were born in countries all across the world. In order to create a more inclusive environment where each of our students can feel valued and appreciated for their cultural identify we would like to display a flag from their home country. These will be displayed in our school cafeteria where they will be visible for all of our students as well as our families for community events. 

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