East Gresham Elementary

Flags for East Gresham

East Gresham Elementary School is a diverse learning community. Many of our students were born in countries all across the world. In order to create a more inclusive environment where each of our students can feel valued and appreciated for their cultural identify we would like to display a flag from their home country. These will be displayed in our school cafeteria where they will be visible for all of our students as well as our families for community events. 

100% Funded
East Orient Elementary


The laminator plays a crucial role in every classroom and activity at school.  

We laminate posters, library cards, flashcards, student artwork and much more!  By laminating items, we can save resources with the ability to reuse items that are touched by many little hands.

We have had our current laminator since 1996.   This hardworking laminator has served us well for 23 years but has been been on its last legs for the last year or so. It finally stopped working at the beginning of this year.  

Our laminating needs are piling up and we are desperate for a new one!

Your generous support would be greatly appreciated!

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Hollydale Elementary

The Zen Den for students at Hollydale

For many students, school and life can feel overwhelming and stressful. Academic challenges and social pressure can cause anxiety for some students, making learning an extra challenge. In order to cope with these stressors, many students benefit from having a calming space to retreat to for a break. In this calm space they can engage in relaxation activities  so they can regain their energy and focus, and return to class ready to learn. Research shows that when students are able to practice mindfulness and relaxation strategies they are able to improve their executive functioning skills, boost academic and behavioral outcomes, and manage their stress, which promotes overall wellbeing. (https://calmclassroom.com/pages/research)

At Hollydale Elementary, we are working to create our own calming space for students, the Zen Den. In the Zen Den, students will positively engage with a staff member, who will help them choose the right activity in order to help the student relax and re-regulate. We hope to provide a variety of choices, in order to meet students' individual needs. Students might choose to walk a sensory path, allowing their bodies to move and wiggle, or to work their minds in a new way doing a puzzle or maze, or play a cooperative game with a staff member. The space will also be used for students who need a quiet space to do their classwork. All with the purpose of helping students feel empowered and energized to return to their classroom, ready to learn.

We are seeking funding to outfit our room with comfy seating options, sensory path stickers, brain games, lamps for calm lighting, and sensory activities. 


100% Funded