East Gresham Elementary

Chromebooks for our Class

The use of Chromebooks aids in student learning of reading, writing, math, science and social studies. With these Chromebooks, students will receive personalized learning at their level and adapt as they learn. It will also help with our project-based learning (PBL) units.

My students deserve to be in a classroom that has adequate and up to date technology!

With this project, I'm hoping to create a 21st century learning environment, by providing a blend of authentic learning opportunities with up to date technology. Therefore, I'm working toward a full classroom set of Chromebooks for my students. Students will use the technology 1:1 throughout the day in many if not all content areas! This project will allow students to collaborate with each other, make connections and learn at their level.

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Gresham High School

i-Pads for Counseling Success


In an ever changing community and world, it is our duty as school leaders to prepare every student for success. The counseling department at Gresham High School shares this mission with the district and plays a key role in doing just that. 

Equitable access to resources is a critical element in providing students with opportunities for success, and our counseling department sees a gap in the resources we can offer students within our department. In addition to seeing many students who lack the resources to access technology once they leave our building, we also strive to equitably, confidentially, and efficiently serve the students who come to us for academic, social emotional, and college and career needs. Additionally, as advocates we strive to teach our students how to advocate for themselves, and can thus change the conversation from "you should take advantage of this opportunity" and hope that they do, to "you should take advantage of this opportunity; let me teach you how." We feel it is imperative to utilize technology within our office to address these needs in our efforts to prepare every student for success.

Description of Need

Currently the counseling department does not have access to technology for student use. However, there are a number of reasons why technology would benefit students and would support our mission to equitably serve all students. Some of ways we plan to use technology are:

Immediate ability to sign up for credit recovery, access and complete scholarships, FAFSA, and ORSAA applications, apply for college or communicate with scholarship and college contacts, investigate community supports and resources and complete applications to access those resources, map access to programs and/or testing centers In an effort to never turn students away, we would like to institute a new confidential system for students who need to speak with us but find us busy when they come inBeing technologically accessible to students will allow us to manage, track, and utilize data to inform program servicesEvery counselor and social worker would have their own i-Pad in their office, and the counseling department support staff would have two i-Pads available in the main counseling office


i-Pads               $329.00  x 8   =  $2,632.00

i-Pad covers   $39.00  x   8   =      $312.00

TOTAL:                                             $2,944.00                              

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East Gresham Elementary

Let the Battle (of the books) Begin!


My students remind me each and every day how fortunate I was to have people that supported and believed in me. How blessed I was to be given equal opportunities to learn, develop and grow as any other student despite my socioeconomic status growing up.  Many come from low-income families that struggle to put food on the table or a roof over their heads. Over 90% of our student body is identified as living at or below poverty level, and 30 of our families are identified as homeless.

Despite these struggles my students are engaged and active learners that show an eagerness to learn on a daily basis. I have a diverse classroom that includes 9 students on IEP's, 8 English Language Learners, and 3 students transitioning from a self-contained classroom into a general education room. Our moto, "We will succeed! No excuses. No exceptions."


Books!!  Books!!  Books!! The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) committee selects 16 books each year that will be used for that years competition.  Our 4th and 5th graders are so excited about reading the "Oregon Battle of the Books" books! This will be our 4th  year participating in this exciting program. As a Title 1 school we were always looking for ways to encourage our students to become readers, and have found success with OBOB. This past year our school was recognized by the Gresham-Barlow school district for our growth in reading scores. OBOB played an important role in that growth.

Soon we will build teams and the students will start asking each other questions and preparing for our first battles coming up in late February. Besides just more time in interesting and motivating books, our students are working on developing their higher level thinking skills- the ones that will help them be successful in high school and beyond! In a few weeks we will have a winning team and on March 14th that team will be heading to the regional battles! So, many of our 4th and 5th graders are able to access them, regardless of their reading levels. 

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