Carson Middle School

Creating Outdoor Space Accessible for All CMS Students and Learning

Outdoor Opportunities- Bringing the indoor learning outside

Carson Middle School has a beautiful outdoor courtyard area that is rarely used. One reason why the space is only admired from the windows is because there is no equipment or structures to facilitate comforting and productive learning. The main shelter is the shade from the building's shadow and a handful of trees. Staff and students want to go outdoors. We want to enjoy the space. Students can engage in learning beyond the traditional walls. How can we do that? By adding items to make outdoor learning possible.

Student Council, the voice of the students, have recognized this need and have already begun to purchase picnic tables/benches. After collaborating with Student Council sponsors, the grant is applying for items that are currently out of their financial reach, but items that would be beneficial for organizing/starting point. The request of the "Creating Outdoor Space Accessible for All CMS Students and Learning" is to assist student council with this initiative that could impact and benefit all at students and staff members CMS.

The items are portable enough to adapt to the learning style/activity while following safety measures. Thank you for helping us bring the indoor learning outside. This is only the beginning. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

It's a great day to be a tiger!

Stay gold.... 

Items and Pricing Guide

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Marshall Middle School

Building a LIT Community

In the spring of 2018, Project LIT book club started in earnest at Marshall Middle School.  During the past 2018-2019 school year, we have been able to expand our reach to all three middle schools and the Intermediate and Senior High Schools.  It has been amazing to watch each school embrace the stories our students and participants need to develop their sense of belonging and community in an ever-shrinking world.  

This school year participants at Marshall Middle School read Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes, I Am Alfonso Jones by Tony Medina, Ahimsa by Supriya Kelkar, and we are finishing with Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake and The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater. It is with our past success in mind that we ask for your help in continuing our mission to provide our community with relevant and important books that promote a culture of understanding and empathy.  With the funds received from this grant we will be able to buy review copies of novels for our student leaders to read.  These books are important in empowering students to find the best books out there to support our community.  We will also purchase books for our three school-wide book clubs.  Over the course of our fall, winter, and spring meetings we will read between 3 and 6 titles, dependent on the decisions made by our student leaders.  This past year, we bought  approximately 30 copies of  the 5 different books featured in our Project LIT meetings.  One the important missions of Project LIT is providing free access to books that students need.  Your donation will continue to support the service traditions we are establishing. Our goal is always to pay these titles forward  to other Project LIT Chapters.  First and foremost we share titles within the district to ensure that as many of our North Allegheny students as possible have the opportunity to read these rich texts.  After that we pay the books forward to our friends in other chapters throughout the nation.  Past recipients of our books include schools in Chicago, Nashville, Washington D.C., Louisville, and others.

We will continue to strive to build student reader-leaders, who are concerned about understanding and helping their community, whether it our local community or our national Project LIT Community.  This is a far reaching endeavor that brings students, staff members, family, and even authors together in life-changing ways. Your donation will help make this happen.  Please follow us on Twitter @lit_mms and make plans to read and discuss with us at our next meeting.   Community members are always welcome!

Anticipated spending:  

 Preview copies of books for student leaders-$400

Copies of books to provide access for all participating students-$1800

Healthy breakfasts for 3 morning meetings-$300

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Multiple Schools

2019 Angel Funds

Sometimes students just want clean socks.

Our Angel Fund donors make sure we can help when students need it most. With 13 homeless students at NA, that can mean clean socks, soap, a backpack or lunch on the next class field trip.

Because they will always be a Tiger, and at NA we take care of each other. The NA Foundation makes that happen. 

The Angel Fund receives requests for things such as:
Field Trip Fees
Summer Academy Tuition
College in High School Fees
Clothing and School supplies

Your support of the Angel fund ensures we can fund every critical request.

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